Philosophy and Political Science

At least six courses in philosophy and six in political science, with a grade of C or higher, are required.

In philosophy the following is required: CAS PH 300, 310, 350; any one of CAS PH 253, 254, 255, 453, 454, 455; one course at the 200 level or above; and one other philosophy course.

In political science the following is required: one course at the 200 level; three courses in political theory at the 300 or 500 level; two other courses in political science. Note that no more than one 100-level political science course can count toward the major. Also, it is recommended that the first course in political science be a 100- or 200-level course in one of the following subfields: American politics, public policy, comparative politics, international relations, or political theory.

One of the above courses must be either a senior seminar in political science or a topics course in philosophy.

Checklist of requirements