Honors Program

Graduating with Distinction from the Department of Philosophy. Requirements:

I.  Admission

Admission to departmental Honors programs occurs post-matriculation (that is, not as part of initial admission to the University), no earlier than the second semester of the sophomore year and no later than March of the junior year.  Admission requires that the student have taken at least two Philosophy courses in which he or she has averaged no less than an A- and has achieved a cumulative GPA of at least B+.  The A- average in Philosophy courses must be maintained for the student to graduate with Honors. Finally, admission requires approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.


1. One upper division Logic course 360 (or 433).
2. History of Ancient Philosophy – PH300.
3. History of Modern Philosophy – PH310.
4. One moral, Political, or Legal Philosophy course beyond 100-level.
5. One course in Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Mind, or Language.
6. One course between PH403-PH419.
7. One course between PH420-PH488.
8 to 12. PROVISIONS:

(a) No more than one of 8 to 12 may be a 100-level course.

(b) The determination of 8 to 12 is left to the discretion of the Honors Major in consultation with his or her adviser who is responsible for approving the student’s program.

(c) Should his or her advisor agree that it is appropriate to do so the Honors Major may take two advanced courses from a Department outside Philosophy to fulfill two of the remaining required courses (12-8 to 12-12).  For example, a student pursuing the Philosophy of Language might take advanced Linguistics courses or a student pursuing Aesthetics might take courses in the Department of Art History.

III:  The Senior Paper

In consultation with his or her advisor an Honors Major must produce a “senior paper.”  This can be a senior thesis (in which case the student must take 2 independent studies with a single professor).  It can also be revision of a term paper written for a seminar.

IV:  Co-curricular activities

An Honors Major must attend at least one departmental lecture or colloquium per semester.   He or she will discuss that event with his or her advisor.

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