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Our current students (alphabetically)

meSHAYNA ADAMS is a 2014 graduate of The State University of New York at Albany, where she majored in Human Biology with a minor in Psychology. She is now an MPH candidate with a concentration in Epidemiology.  Her background includes many classes related to the brain and mental disorders, which sparked her interest in pursuing a career in clinical trials.  More specifically, she would like to work in the field of cognitive impairments and mental disorders. She is looking forward to the opportunities that the Pharmaceutical Program will provide her.


headhsotKIMBERLY BARRETT recently graduated from Boston University with a BS in Health Science and a minor in Public Health.  She is pursuing a Master’s in Public Health at BUSPH with a concentration in Epidemiology.  Kimberly is interested in research and the creation of intervention strategies.  She hopes to work in both infectious and noncommunicable disease epidemiology.  Kimberly is excited to learn more about the pharmaceutical industry because it plays such a vital role in public health and the implementation of health interventions.



KBroecker_HeadshotKATIE BROECKER recently graduated from DePauw University with a BA in Kinesiology: Sports and Exercise Science. She is pursuing her MPH at BUSPH as a dual environmental and international health concentrator, and also enrolled in the Pharmaceuticals program. She is interested in toxicology and nutrition and working in the development of nutritional supplements and interventions, especially for vulnerable populations.


picKATIANA CALZADILLA is a part-time MPH student concentrating in Epidemiology.  She works in Pharmacovigilance at a small biotechnology company in Cambridge developing treatments for leukemia and lymphoma.  In her spare time she enjoys  running, skiing, tennis, and spending time with family & friends.





390500_3818567342872_1565529021_nCHEN CAO is pursuing a Master of Public Health, concentrating in Global Health, with an emphasis on Managing Disasters and Complex Humanitarian Emergencies. He graduated magna cum laude from Boston University with a BA in biology. Although he grew up in the United States, Cao has an eclectic background having lived in Switzerland and China, as well as traveled extensively outside the States. With a strong interest in vaccines as well as logistics involving development and delivery of drugs to the field, Cao is excited about the learning and networking opportunities through the Pharmaceuticals Program. He hopes to work in the field of global health project management in the future. Additionally, prior to joining BUSPH, Cao has interned in the Control of Epidemic Diseases (CED) Unit at World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland, working on an analysis of paper- and electronic-based Early Warning and Response Systems (EWARN), as well as working as a Specialist at Apple, Inc. Outside of school, Chen also enjoys traveling to new places, staying active, playing with new gadgets, and trying out exotic foods and restaurants with friends.

EC_Photo_PharmProgramELIZABETH CAVAGNARO graduated from the University of Rochester in 2010 with a B.A. in Biology and Health and Society. Since graduation, she has been working full-time at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute on a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) post-market drug and medical device safety surveillance program. Elizabeth’s experience at HPHCI has solidified her interest in research and passion for public health. Elizabeth is a part-time MPH candidate with a concentration in biostatistics. Upon graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in health services research in the context of pharmaceuticals. Ultimately, she would like to impact the health care by using research methods to help inform drug safety and pharmaceutical policy decisions.


2013-10-12 09.24.56LIANG CHENgraduated from medical school in Shanghai Jiaotong University, China and went on to pass the United States Medical Licensing Exam. Liang is the founder of a company in Shanghai specializing in American medical education. Liang wrote a book about internal medicine clerkship with a Brigham Women’s top resident and is interested in pharmaceutical industry, which may be a great track to explore.



RACHEL CIURYLA is an Epidemiology Concentrator from West Chester, Pennsylvania.  She works part time in the Channing Lab’s Bio-repository at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  She is interested in Cancer Epidemiology and Clinical Trials.  In her free time she enjoys snow skiing, hiking, and being outdoors.

59951_1389863558674_1594650046_30862814_4305942_nMICHELLE COUGHLIN graduated from the University of St. Thomas in 2011 with a B.S. in Neuroscience.  After graduating, she interned at a small clinic in Hohoe, Ghana.  Her position involved both direct patient care and educational/prevention strategy planning with local health care personnel.  She then moved to Mae Sot, Thailand, where she worked with an NGO as the Trauma Management Program Intern.  For the past two years she has been working as a phlebotomist. She is interested in infectious disease prevention and vaccine-preventable diseases and hopes to pursue further education which will provide her with the skills needed in her future career to provide care, education and preventative solutions to populations in developing countries.


IMG_1184MONIKA DROGOSZ is a current MPH student concentrating in Epidemiology. She recently graduated from Bentley University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. She is a part-time student currently working at Boston Children’s Hospital in the department of Cardiology. She plans to use her degree in the field of infectious disease at the international level and is excited for the resources that BUSPH has to offer.



BRADY DUBIN recently graduated from Lehigh University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Minor in Health, Medicine, and Society.  Through these fields, he learned about different ways of thinking, considering options, and better understands viewpoints originating from different angles.  He’s also learned that most of the world has little or no access to medicines needed and populations are often presented with barriers that stop people and regions from receiving care.  He wants to learn more about the diseases relevant to this issue and the medications developed to battle these diseases.  He would like to better understand the barriers to necessary medical care and treatment and the components of each particular barrier as it relates to the field of public health overall, the psychological field, and the pharmaceutical industry.  His career goals include working to deliver essential medications and vaccines to populations in need and implementing programs or policies that enable the flow of medical assistance throughout the world, without the obstruction of barriers.  Throughout his career, he would also like to work with industries to ensure the prevention of illness that may originate in fields not directly involved with healthcare.  He wants to establish the presence and importance of public health in every facet of life so people can understand how actions and products influence the rest of the world.

388996_2330708182248_1086030251_32187217_1995489640_n-1PAVITRI DWIVEDI completed her Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Cellular Biology with a minor in Medical Anthropology. As an incoming MPH student, she was highly interested in concentrating in international health to grasp a stronger understanding of health on a global level. She wanted to solely focus on one path and get all information she needed to become an expert in the field. However, the first pharmaceutical seminar made her realize how little how little she knew about the bridge between public health and pharmaceuticals. Besides enrolling in the Pharmaceuticals Program, she decided to take more Epidemiology and pharmaceutical focused courses. Her course background in both International Health and Epidemiology were extremely useful during my practicum in Mumbai, India this summer. She had a wonderful opportunity to visit NGOs, ART centers, and go on official tours at government hospitals. She was able to understand the supply chain and adherence to ART among HIV/AIDS population in the slums from both a global and pharm perspective. Pavitri’s diverse coursework also helped her conduct a cross sectional study design to assess the impact of HIV disclosure in infected and affected children of PLWH families. She believes the pharmaceutical program has definitely been a bonus to her experience at BUSPH. After graduating in May 2014, she hopes to pursue career in service delivery sector to enhance my knowledge and understanding on a global scale.

1488170_10201189065188827_550354485_nCATHERINE ELSIER is a 2014 graduate from UMass Amherst with a BS in Public Health. As an undergraduate she was able to intern with the Worcester Division of Public Health. She is currently pursuing her MPH at BUSPH as an Epidemiology concentrator. Catherine is interested in infectious diseases and vaccines and after graduation hopes to work in infectious disease prevention. She is excited to learn more about the role pharmaceuticals play in public health and the experiences the pharmaceuticals program will provide.


ELA FADLI  I am in the 4+1 BA/MPH program at Boston University. I am completing my undergraduate degree in International Relations with a focus on systems and world order in Europe and the Middle East. For my MPH I hope to concentrate in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. I am very interested in global health issues and the organizations which work to address health crisis. I look forward to learning about the role pharmaceutical play in international public health.

IMAG0091~2MOHAMMAD KAMAL FARIDI is an MPH candidate (Jan. 2016) at Boston University School of Public Health with a concentration in Biostatistics. After completing O-Levels & A-levels from University of Cambridge, England, he went on to receive Bachelors in Science in Molecular Biology & Bachelors of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Westfield State University where he was awarded with Academic Excellence Award for his outstanding academic record. His memberships include The Phi-Kappa-Phi Honor Society & Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International. He is currently enrolled in The Pharmaceuticals Program at BUSPH, and intends to start an internship at BCBS of Massachusetts in the summer of 2015.

1625456_10201336411916983_2031999148_nLILLIAN FROHLICH graduated from Syracuse University in 2014 with a BS in Public Health and a Strategic Management minor. During her time as an undergraduate, Lillian interned at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital in Syracuse, NY, which sparked her interest in clinical trials. Lillian is currently pursuing her Master of Public Health at BUSPH with a concentration in Epidemiology, and upon graduation hopes to pursue a career in clinical research, specifically in clinical trials for for the treatment of pediatric developmental and genetic disorders. She believes that the Pharmaceutical Program will enrich her academic experience by heightening her understanding of clinical research and clinical trial management.

IMG_2461LINDSEY GARRISON graduated from Elon University in 2013 with a B.A. in Public Health and Public Administration. While there, she interned with Planned Parenthood focusing mainly on editing the Teens Taking Action program curriculum to ensure that it was appropriate for various age groups and performing data analysis to help the program achieve accreditation status. Lindsey also volunteered with Alamance Cares, a local HIV/AIDS organization, where she assisted with community-based HIV testing. Lindsey is a current MPH candidate with a concentration in International Health. Upon completion of the program, she hopes to work in infectious disease prevention, specifically HIV/AIDS. She feels that the Pharmaceuticals Program will provide her with more information about the role that pharmaceuticals play in service delivery settings.

KG1KEVIN GENERAL graduated with a B.A. in Public Health from the University of South Carolina.  As an undergraduate student, he participated in the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program.  As a McNair Scholar, he conducted research that studied the flow of information to a low socioeconomic neighborhood faced with environmental health threats.  He also assisted in a clinical trials education and recruitment study funded by Health Sciences South Carolina.  When not focused on academics and research, Kevin volunteered at South Carolina Oncology Associates on the clinical floor.  As a volunteer, he assisted nurses with patients during chemotherapy treatments by providing companionship and comfort to help create an environment more responsive to an individual patient’s needs.  Kevin is currently pursuing a MPH with a concentration in Epidemiology.  He then plans to continue on to receive a doctorate in Epidemiology.  His research interests include comparative effectiveness trials and pharmacoepidemiology.  He wishes to give back to the field of Public Health and pharmaceuticals by improving patient-centered outcomes.

NICOLE GOLONSKI studied Biology, Philosophy and Latin American studies at the University of Scranton. Upon graduation she moved to South America for two years to work in two NGOs.  She lived and worked with the migrant woman population in Santiago, Chile for about 15 months.  Subsequently, she moved to Iquitos, Peru and worked as a medical clinic coordinator.  Her concentration at BUSPH is Global Health.

_MG_4910DANIEL GU graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. After graduating in 2012, he continued to work on a research project studying variation of behavioral and morphological metrics in birds, drawing from a 25-year dataset of several thousand individuals and developing skills in data management and statistical analysis. Dan is concentrating in Biostatistics and Epidemiology at BUSPH to help translate his experience in quantitative research toward biomedical applications. He is particularly interested in the development and distribution of treatments and vaccines for emerging infectious diseases, and hopes to apply the skills and knowledge gained in the Pharmaceuticals Program towards research and development in this field.

Alison GusickAlison Gusick recently graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Psychology. As an undergraduate, she had the opportunity to intern in various corners of the healthcare industry at Uniting Against Lung Cancer, NYU Langone Medical Center and Grey Healthcare Group. She also spent a semester studying in South Africa, where she volunteered with Ubuntu Africa, an organization dedicated to improving the well-being of HIV-positive children. Alison is a current MPH candidate with a concentration in Health Policy and Management. Through the Pharmaceuticals Program, she hopes to learn more about how pharmaceutical companies interact with health organizations to facilitate access to populations in need.


knheuerKelly Heuer graduated from Syracuse University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science and Public Health, focusing in Applied Statistics. During her undergraduate career she worked as a nutrition research assistant in the Department of Public Health, Food Studies and Nutrition at SU. She also completed her honors thesis as an epidemiological review of Type 2 Diabetes in the global community. Through this research, she developed a passion for health statistics and analysis. Kelly is a current MPH candidate concentrating in Epidemiology with interests in infectious diseases and vaccine-preventable diseases. After her time at BUSPH, Kelly hopes to pursue a career in clinical trials and post-marketing surveillance in the pharmaceutical industry.


KRISTIN HUNT is currently pursuing her MPH with a focus on Global Health, and hopes to use this degree to help improve surveillance and prevention of infectious disease. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in 2012 from the University of Pittsburgh in Biological Sciences, and after graduating worked as a research technician in a microbial genetics research lab dealing with ophthalmology pathogens. From this, she gained experience in academic research, and developed a passion for the study of infectious diseases and the burden they place on society. She also felt a strong pull towards working to strengthen service delivery programs for international populations who may not have access to the resources they need to diagnose, control, and prevent these diseases. Through the Pharmaceuticals Program, she wants to learn more about what prevents under-served international populations from gaining access to the pharmaceutical treatments they need, and successful strategies to reduce barriers to access.

Optimized-20131213_193943SWAGATA KARKARE has a Bachelor’s and MS degree in Pharmaceutical sciences. BS from India, MS from University of Cincinnati, Ohio. One of the primary reasons she chose BUSPH was the Pharmaceutical’s program. She looks forward to attending the various networking events and practicum opportunities offered by the Pharmaceutical’s program as well as BUSPH.





IMG_1767_2PAWANDEEP KAUR is currently a Masters of Public Health student with a concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences. Her prior academics include a Honors BSc. in Biology and Medical Science from the University of Western Ontario. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree, she worked in the clinical research industry in various therapeutic areas. Most recently, she gained experience from within the Pharmaceutical industry at Janssen Inc., as part of the Medical Affairs department. Pawandeep has also been part of community networks, targeted specially towards youth and women. She has organized events that create spaces and educate the community on health, society and human rights topics. Combined, both her volunteer and industry experience is where she developed her passion to learn more about public health. With a background in social activism, along with the education she gains from Boston University, she intends to explore the sensitivities of health policies and their effects on at-risk communities and attempt to close the gaps of disparity between these demographics.

photo(1)FARRAH KHAN recently graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a BA degree in Psychology. At BUSPH Farrah is an MPH candidate and Health Policy & Management concentrator. Her specific interest in health policy had been anchored after an internship with a Philadelphia based healthcare nonprofit. There she created resources that improved the healthcare decisions of low-income individuals. She has a strong cognitive research background and interest in mental health policy. Farrah is specifically interested in the intersection between mental health and pharmaceutical policy decisions. Joining the Pharmaceuticals Program affords Farrah the opportunity to transition her work to pharmacovigilance. After graduating Farrah intends to leverage both her MPH and Pharmaceuticals Program participation to attain a career in pharmaceutical policy.

241668_10152431350635344_1449764081_oKRISANDRA KNEER graduated from Boston University’s Sargent College with a BS degree in Human Physiology. During her undergraduate career Krisandra began working at BU’s Slone Epidemiology Center as a research assistant. Prior to graduation she was offered a full-time position as a Psychometrist for the CALLS study at Slone, a position she still holds today, which consists of traveling the country to collect data from study subjects through adolescent psychometric testing. She is pursing her MPH in Global Health as a part time student and hopes to go onto medical school to become a psychiatrist and address the need for mental health interventions in developing countries.


imageLINDSAY KOHORN is a recent graduate of California State Polytechnic University in Pomona with a B.S. in Mathematics. She has always been interested in medicine and when she graduated from college, she decided she wanted to find a way to use her mathematics in a medical setting, and that is how she was introduced to biostatistics. She completed a semester abroad in Budapest where she took an introductory level course in bioinformatics and presented at the poster session of the Joint Mathematics Meetings, a nationally recognized math conference, and attending the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program this past year. As of right now, she sees herself working as a biostatistician in a public health department or working for a pharmaceutical company.

SCAN0005KYRENA KREKEL has a BS in Health Science and is currently a Biostatistics Concentrator at BUSPH. Prior to moving to the United States, Kyrena lived in Thailand, Bangladesh, Denmark, and Brasil. She is currently involved in the implementation of GALS, a mixed-methods research study that she co-designed and manages with Dr. Fernando Ona of Tufts University School of Medicine. GALS is a phenomenological study of risk and resiliency among women and children living in low-resource urban communities in Harare, Zimbabwe. Kyrena plans to pursue a career in global health project management. Her international upbringing afforded her a different kind of education; one where she learned about international health first hand from the same disadvantaged populations that she now learns about in class. It has been this understanding of human populations that drove her to pursue an MPH at BU. Outside of global health Kyrena’s interests include traveling, reading, and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. In her spare time she is a competitive Olympic weightlifter.

Alex and I (2)MADELEINE KUHN is an Health Policy & Management concentrator at BUSPH. After completing her undergraduate degree, she worked in Germany for a year and a half, first at a laboratory, then at GlaxoSmithKline. Her laboratory work focused on the chemical effects of pesticides, mold and food ingredients on human health. There Madeleine was able to take research and translate it into informational packets for English speaking clients. This lead to a spot on GSK’s communications team for consumer healthcare in Hamburg, Germany where she was tasked with various communication duties, but primarily summarizing public reactions to brands for internal use. Both experiences highlighted issues that became career drivers for the future. While working at the lab, she experienced the lack of knowledge most people have about how chemicals effect the human body and why it is important to understand chemical exposore. While working at GSK, Madeleine had to find ways of interpreting how a product could be better explained based on consumer reactions. It was clear from both experiences that communication barriers can cause major problems for both consumers and pharmaceutical companies. Madeleine plans on building a strong foundation between knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and the drug approval process to help provide the public with better drug information.

Michaella LatkovicMICHAELLA LATKOVIC graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Cellular Biology from Western Washington University. She is currently earning a Master of Public Health at BUSPH, dual concentrating in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Prior to attending Boston University, she worked in clinical research trials focusing on autoimmune disease research and autoimmune therapies for diseases. She had the opportunity to work with numerous Phase I-IV trials primarily involving Type 1 Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and Pancreatic cancer as well as liver, urology, and rheumatic diseases. She hopes to pursue a career in clinical trials and drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical industry.

YUN LING grew up in both China and the U.S, and this multicultural background shaped perspective for the world. She is  interested in Service Deliverybecause it is closely connected to her concentration and career goals. She is passionate about international public health, specifically child health. Eventually she wants to work for non-governmental organizations in child health in developing countries. She hopes to work in service delivery settings, and the program would allow her to further tailor her career path and open more doors and exposing her to the field of Pharmaceuticals.

Anne-headshot_DSC7702ANNE LODICK first became interested in the pharmaceutical industry when she was hired as a consultant at a consulting firm that specialized in drug development strategy. She worked as a consultant for 3 years, gaining experience and working with clients including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca. From there she moved into a project management role with Human Care Systems, a company that creates patient adherence and support programs for drugs and medical devices. Anne designed and conducted market research with patients around the US and internationally while in this role. Currently, she is working part-time as an associate consultant at a small market research firm, conducting research with physicians and patients. Anne has been very involved in launching a new syndicated report series focusing on patient experiences and emotion in chronic diseases. Her career goal is to apply the lens of public health to pharmaceuticals. Anne is dual-concentrating in Social and Behavioral Science and Epidemiology, and hopes these will give her tools to analyze and understand issues that arise with medications (safety, effectiveness and patient use)once they have been released on the market.

FELICITY NAMAYANJA hasa medical degree from Makerere University Medical School, Kampala Uganda, where she also worked as a general practitioner for three years. In addition, she worked on clinical protocols for tuberculosis in HIV positive patients under Case Western Reserve collaboration studies in Uganda. Since migrating to the United States, she’s had the opportunity to continue with clinical research. Institution based research at Massachusetts General Hospital where she was a research Fellow/ Clinical Research Coordinator. She’s also worked for clinical trial sites for the pharmaceutical industry as a research coordinator. This involved implementation of research protocols at clinical trial sites including subject evaluation and clinical assessments, laboratory work, follow-up visits, data entry and use of psychiatric assessment scales where needed. She attended investigator meetings and worked with Research Monitors. She has worked on phase II and III protocols as well as phase I QTc studies and is ACRP certified.

10417779_764731296912727_6198429191917786206_nHUA NI is originally from China, where she received a degree in package engineering. During this time, she interned at and insurance company, working on developing an insurance product. After graduating, she attended  Rutgers University and earned a BS degree in food science. During her time in the US she has gained experience in event planning and has performed preliminary studies for food research. She is ultimately interested  in combining her science background with an MPH in Health Policy and Management so that she can pursue a career in Project Management, at a pharmaceutical company.

DSC_0117DAMI OLUWADOLAPO graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria. He was actively involved in volunteer opportunities, primary in primary healthcare in Nigeria for three years. These experiences were instrumental in highlighting the roles pharmaceuticals play in saving millions of life and has helped form a basis for his interest in pharmaceuticals. While at BUSPH, Dami intends to gain knowledge and experience capable of improving health with an emphasis on access to quality pharmaceuticals in underserved populations. Post-graduation, he intends to work with donor organizations who deliver quality, effective and affordable health interventions to undeserved populations.


pic 005GODWIN OSEI-POKU is originally from Ghana where he pursued a medical degree and realized his interest in pharmacology. As a doctor working in Africa, he realized the challenges physicians face in providing care for their patients due to lack of available pharmaceuticals. Godwin is focusing on health care management so that he can develop policies that make necessary drugs affordable and accessible to his patients in Africa.



YOJIN (JIN) PARK graduated with a B.S. degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Umass Amherst. During his undergraduate years, he worked at a diabetes lab at Umass Medical School which sparked his interest in both public health and the pharmaceutical industries. Upon graduation, he took a year off to serve and mentor college students at a local church and he also traveled to Croatia to work with a local tourism business. He is now an Epidemiology concentrator at BUSPH and involved in the Pharmaceutical program. He hopes to learn more about health policy and management so that he could achieve his goal of working at a pharmaceutical consulting firm

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 10.09.16 PMCHRYSANTHE PETEROS comes from working in the Global Corporate Communications Department at Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics in Cambridge. Through her work with associates from various departments at Novartis she developed an interest in public health and subsequently decided that she would like to work within the health care industry. Chrysanthe decided to concentrate in Health Policy and Management because she wants to be able to effect change in the way our health care system is run. She is particularly interested in policies regarding women’s health and is also interested in how pharmaceutical companies interact with and operate alongside the government and health care authorities.

293101_1931581697763_5293617_nJANE PLESKUNAS graduated with a BS degree in Mathematics from Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI in 2011 and is now an Epidemiology Concentrator at BUSPH. While attending her undergraduate institution, Jane conducted multivariate calculus research on the reflection of sound waves off of three dimensional shapes called a Pseudopshere. The research was both published in the “The International Journal for Numerical Analysis” and is archived in the Roger Williams University library. She also presented the research at the AMS National Conference for Numerical Analysis at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. While attending BUSPH, Jane hopes to gain knowledge in design and analyses in Clinical Research Trials. She hopes to take advantage of the plethora of knowledge within the BUSPH community, and the greater Boston area. Jane is also a Student Ambassador and on the informal Epidemiology Social Committee.

PharmKA LAI POON is a MPH candidate concentrating in International Health. She started interning in the neurology department at Albert Einstein College of Medicine the summer after her freshman year of high school. Since then, she continued to conduct research on different types of seizures for six consecutive summers. She was a pre-medical student and minored in History of Medicine when she attended Franklin & Marshall College. After college, she worked as a Research Assistant for two years at The Rockefeller University, where she conducted experiments in attempt to improve the current treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. Through all these years she spent in the laboratory, she acquired a good understanding of the drug development process and its importance in alleviating disease burdens in both developed and developing countries. Due to her experience and strong interest in the scientific field, Ka Lai would like to continue learning about the role that pharmaceuticals plays in affecting the outcome of public health. In the future, Ka Lai would like to focus on designing, monitoring, and evaluating international health programs. She wants to be able to use the knowledge and skills she will acquire from the Service Delivery track to help improve the drug delivery systems in developing countries. Ultimately, she would like to contribute towards reducing healthcare inequality in resource-limited settings.

GOPAKUMAR RADHADRISHNAN was born in Kerala, India and moved to Nairobi, Kenya where he lived until he was 14. While in Nairobi, he volunteered in orphanages with AIDS affected children. He pursued his interest in biological sciences from then on and completed his Bachelor of Technology in Genetic Engineering from SRM University, Chennai, India. He completed his bachelors research project at the Institute for Human Genetics, Universitatsklinikum Jena, Germany focusing on “Molecular characterization of Small Supernumerary Marker Chromosomes”. He is currently enrolled in the MPH program at BUSPH with a concentration in Epidemiology.

Pharm Head ShotNILUFAR RAHMAN graduated with a B.A. degree in Public Health and Sociology from the University of Washington and is now a Health Policy & Management concentrator at the BUSPH. Prior to attending BU, she spent much of her time doing research, volunteer work, and teaching public health concepts to high school students in Seattle. She was a research assistant on a developmental study of 3-year-old children and their parents at the University of Washington. The study was interested about the self-control skills in young children and how families promote positive behaviors, particularly when experiencing major stress and economic difficulties in their lives. She was also involved with youth out-reach by offering support to meet basic needs, building strong relationships, and allying with homeless youth as they met their future off the streets. As a public health educator, she taught high school seniors public health concepts to encourage health and wellness, and prevent disease in their communities. Nilufar’s passion of public health stems from the love of her native homeland, Bangladesh. Since the 1970s, Millions of people in Bangladesh have been saved due to the breakthrough oral rehydration therapy programs and other public health efforts. Although crucial, increasing access to healthcare is not enough to improve health. To effectively reduce poor health, she understands that we must address inadequate education, poor housing, racism, medicine, and food insecurity. Through the pharmaceutical program and her MPH degree, she hopes to understand matters related to the safety, efficiency and availability of medications.

IMG_2115ALANNA RASKIN  is a current undergraduate in the BS/MPH 4+1 program at Boston University Sargent College/School of Public Health. Alanna is pursuing a B.S. in Health Science and a MPH with a concentration in Epidemiology. She would like to pursue a career in infectious diseases and vaccines. Upon graduation, Alanna hopes to conduct research in public health and the effects that pharmaceuticals have once they are in public circulation. Currently, Alanna is a research assistant in the School of Medicine working with Dr. Rhoda Au in the Brain Injury Research Network.


imageCATHERINE ROMAN works in the pharmaceutical industry as a Senior Executive Hospital Representative. The evolving healthcare landscape is dramatically affecting how industry approaches the marketplace and she is interested in the new strategies that will be developed to meet these changes. Her areas of interest are the new value propositions that hospitals have identified, evaluating economic outcomes, evolving CMS reimbursements and how these tie in with population health. Her concentration is Health Law and Bioethics and she is interested in studying these areas with the lens of what is ethically correct for patient care.



2027094EMELLY RUSLI graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a BS in Marketing and BA in Chemistry. She knew she always wants to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry since college. Prior to BU, she had a Research Analyst internship with a pharmaceutical consulting firm, where she was able to translate her business and science background into a real business decision. The internship not only reaffirms her passion for the industry, but also encourages her to dig into public health field. Since she enjoys Math and doing quantitative research work, she chose Biostatistics as her concentration. With Biostatistics and Pharmaceutical Certificate, she aims to achieve her dream career since college: working as a Research/Data Analyst in the pharmaceutical companies, or doing a consulting work for pharmaceutical clients.

meNISHITA SHAH graduated from the University of California-San Diego, with a BS in Physiology/Neuroscience and a minor in Global Health. Prior to attending BUSPH, she worked as a research associate in a clinical study investigating the risks of coronary artery disease on the South Asian population for a year. She was involved in doing case management with patients, assessing medication schedules, and analyzing data. Nishita is now pursuing her MPH with a concentration in Epidemiology. Based on her past work and academic background, she is interested in chronic diseases, specifically in vulnerable populations. She hopes to augment her research interests with a more solid understanding of the pharmaceutical industry.


10334387_10152961421399128_2433749994381044067_nEMILY SINGELTARY is a recent graduate of The Ohio State University with a B.A. in International Studies and minors in Global Public Health and Spanish. She discovered her interest in Public Health as an intern at a refugee resettlement agency in Columbus, Ohio through a series of pharmacy and health programs designed for the local refugee population. She is currently a Global Health concentrator interested in infectious disease and vaccine development. Emily hopes to broaden her educational experience through the Pharmaceuticals Program at BUSPH and ultimately pursue a career in Project Management.


SamanthaStraitzHeadshotSAMANTHA STRAITZ  is a 4+1 MPH candidate at Boston University where she will be graduating with degrees in Economics and International Relations and concentrating in Biostatistics and Epidemiology at BUSPH.  She is currently interning with Innovations for Poverty Action to implement financial products based on behavioral economics to aid low-middle income households build assets and achieve financial resiliency.  Samantha plans to pursue a career empowering underserved populations to gain access to health services via culturally appropriate methods by developing innovative strategies in project design, monitoring, and evaluation.  Additionally, she is interested in examining the financing challenges facing transitional countries in the pharmaceuticals industry and working to make drugs a more financially feasible and accessible option for disadvantaged citizens around the globe.

IMG_0825ANNA TANASIJEVIC graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and a concentration in Global Development from Colby College in 2011. She is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health in Global Health, with an emphasis in non-communicable diseases. Prior to coming to BU, Anna worked as a research assistant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where she was involved in studies concerning healthcare quality improvement and the usefulness of health information technology in areas such as smoking cessation and medication education and monitoring. She completed a post-baccalaureate program in premedical studies and interned at Partners In Health. Anna is interested in drug policy, health systems strengthening, food security and nutrition, and chronic diseases. She is passionate about foreign language learning, and has language skills in Spanish, Macedonian, and Japanese.


IMG_2031 (2)CATHERINE TONG graduated from Cornell University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and Animal Science. Switching gears from the pre-vet to public health track after graduation, she spent time volunteering at the City of Berkeley, Ann Chandler Public Health before moving to Boston. She is currently an MPH candidate in Global Health and is looking to use her academic background to further her interest in zoonotic/infectious disease control. Outside of school, she works part-time at the Boston Medical Center with Dr. Robert Saper in the Department of Family/Integrative Medicine, and also spends her time practicing taekwondo and hapkido.


WP_20140810_013EDUARDO AMILKAR VALLE is originally from East Los Angeles but came to call Boston his second home while studying cellular and molecular biology at MIT.  Currently, he is an MPH candidate concentrating in Global Health and is excited to be part of the Pharmaceuticals Program!  If you ever see him around campus dancing with his earphones in, it is because dancing is one of his hobbies. This is something he picked up at MIT and he is now a member of a dance troupe their.  He also loves to running along the Esplanade, and playing/watching soccer.  He enjoys meeting new people and is looking forward to personal growth as he continues his studies.

Maria Núria Cañigueral Vila - Foto carnetNURIA CANIGUERAL VILA is originally from Spain, where she received her undergraduate degree in Pharmacy at the University of Barcelona. During this 5-year program she became very interested in the quality and business aspects of the health care industry and, specifically, the pharmaceutical industry. Last year as she prepared to pursue her graduate studies, Nuria worked as an intern at the quality assurance department in a national pharmaceutical company in Spain. Currently, Nuria am a Health Policy and Management concentrator. For Nuria as a pharmacist, the possibility of being in the Pharmaceuticals Program while studying the in the MPH program provides her with the opportunity to give coherence to her career. Her plans after graduation are to use her education and training within the pharmaceutical industry or healthcare administration.

Pharm WebsiteCAROLINE WINELAND graduated from Barnard College with a major in Spanish & Latin American Cultures and a minor in Psychology. Since graduation, she has been teaching fitness classes at a corporate wellness center and plans to continue teaching classes during her time at BUSPH. Her interest in a public health career was cemented when she volunteered at a clinic for migrant farm workers without access to formal medical care. She is specifically interested in the management of healthcare services and the economics of the pharmaceutical industry. She will be concentrating in Health Policy & Management with a specialization in Healthcare Finance. She hopes to work in consulting within the Biotech/Pharmaceutical industries after graduation, making the Pharmaceuticals Program an invaluable part of her BUSPH experience.

ProfilePictureMEGAN YEE graduated with a BA in psychology from the University of New Hampshire, Durham in 2010. During her time at there, she obtained a wide range of research experiences including the development and completion of an honors thesis, self-funded by an undergraduate research grant. After undergrad, she immediately pursued a degree in Mental Health Counseling, earning her MA from Boston College in 2012. Following graduation, she pursued her interest in research, obtaining a job as a research assistant through Boston University at the Boston VA in Jamaica Plain. Currently, she works full time on a variety of projects aimed at improving persistent cognitive deficits following traumatic brain injury. Megan is simultaneously pursuing her Masters in Public Health at Boston University, concentrating in biostatistics. She hopes strengthen her research knowledge at BU, and combine it with her clinical knowledge to make her a more effective biostatistician. Ultimately, she hopes to pursue a career in clinical trials.

2ea1d36SIFANG (KATHY) ZHAO graduated with a B.S. degree in Health: Science, Society and Policy from Brandeis University, Waltham and is now an Epidemiology Concentrator at BUSPH. Prior to attending BU, she was a summer intern in the Arbovirus Surveillance Program at the State Lab Institution where she examined data and completed several projects to assist the continuing analysis of how EEE virus can be better detected and monitored. Inspired by her internship experience, she conducted an epidemiological case control study in her hometown Changchun, China and wrote her senior thesis on the relationship between perceived food salinity and diagnosed thyroid diseases. During her time at BUSPH, Kathy hopes to gain new perspectives in public health, embrace new cultures and build new relationships.

IMG_1698YASHAN ZHONG got her B.S degree in pharmaceutical science from China, and pursued a PhD degree in medicinal chemistry from Northeastern University in Boston. Later she found that she wanted to get to know more about biostatistics. Her dream job is to work in  pharmaceutical industry, where she can combine her undergraduate, doctor as well as the training as a biostatistics student in BU and work professionally with a broader view of the pharmaceutical industry.



mmexport1400211500712LUJIA ZHOU came to the U.S. From China five years ago to begin studying Public Health and Pharmacy at Rutgers University. She is now beginning her MPH with a concentration in Epidimiology. During her time at Rutgers, Lujia spent 2 years participated in a cancer research study in fat and its relation to carcinogenesis, and epidemiological research on Metformin’s anti-aging effect at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. Lujia also spent one summer at the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center of Mass General Hospital, working with ovarian cancer vaccine development. Lujia joined the Pharmaceuticals Program to add project management and clinical practice to her research experience. Specifically, she would like to combine her knowledge in both pharmaceuticals and public health into useful skills for the pharmaceutical industry.

IMG_6242YINENG ZHU earned a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She is now concentrating in Biostatistics and is very  interested in the pharmaceutical industry. She has a strong foundation in pharmaceuticals, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry and so forth, including related experiments. She hopes to learn more about drug development and other pharmaceutical industry knowledge so that she can work as a biostatistician in the pharmaceutical industry in the future.