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Although it would be ideal to keep track of all former Prison Education students, we are no more likely to be completely successful at that than is the BU Alumni Office. We would certainly never require students to contact us when they leave prison, though many do. Some continue with their education at Boston University or at other schools, completing their undergraduate work or undertaking graduate school. Others go to work, developing careers due to their successfully completed college educations. Other students never leave the confines of prison, and sadly, a few return.

Prison Education StudentsThe Boston University Prison Education Program is not a jobs program, though success in gaining employment is surely eased by college credit on a job application. It is not a program expressly designed to reduce recidivism, though ample research suggests that it does. Finally, it is not designed to contribute to the ease with which the Department of Correction manages its population, though there are studies that suggest education does that as well.

BU's Prison Education Program strives to provide the means whereby, through education, students can become informed, successful, and contributing citizens.