Student Research Opportunities

There are a number of ongoing projects that provide graduate and undergraduate students an opportunity to obtain hands on research experience.

PCL research projects focus on improving materials processing capabilities by applying a controls-based approach, as well as building energy efficiency, and are typically conducted with industry partners.

In process control, we seek to achieve greater control of material structure as well as improving yield and minimizing other cost factors.  Students typically are involved in process modelling, experimentation, sensor development, as well as system and control design and implementation.

Research work includes development and implementation of advanced control strategies, modeling of process physics to develop insight into design of control structure, and experimental verification of proposed strategies. Undergraduates work as part of a team to tackle real engineering problems spanning design, implementation, and theory.

Students in the Mechanical, Electrical, or Biomedical Departments who have interest in one or more of the following areas are encouraged to apply for a position: control theory, thermal-fluid systems, materials, electronics, and programming.

Please contact Professor Michael Gevelber ( for more information.