Wei-Cheng Wu

Ph.D. student, Civil Engineering, Coastal and Ocean Program, Oregon State University

Background and research interests

Wei-Cheng has an MS degree in Civil Engineering from National Taiwan University. He is currently working under Professor Harry Yeh at Oregon State University. His research is aimed at the attenuation of long waves through vegetation fields, investigating the effects of heterogeneous plants. He is also comparing the analytical and numerical solutions with various software, including FUNWAVE, GeoClaw, and SWAN-VEG for wave dissipation on the macro-scale for various bathymetries.

He recently submitted the paper “Laboratory observations and numerical simulations of wave height attenuation in heterogeneous vegetation,” to the Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering. He has experience with Fortran, Matlab, Python programming and some open source packages such as FUNWAVE, GeoClaw, ClawPack, and SWAN. He is interested in learn about COMCOT and COULWAVE more practically and also in parallel computing with MPI.