Sadid Latandret

Faculty, Department of Engineering, Fundación Universitaria Católica del Norte

Background and research interests

Sadid is a Specialist in Management Coastal Zone from the pretty officer navy school “ENSB”; he is a technologist in physic oceanography. He had worked for six year in the navy’s oceanography and hydrography centers research. He has published one paper about the “Observations of atmospheric tides in Cartagena de Indias”, and now one is in review about the “Variations of physics and chemical parameters in the coastal station No. 5 in Tumaco – Nariño”

He knows and works with C, C++ and Matlab; he made a software that can obtain winds data from a WRF result and calculate the winds force and direction for 120 hours to the nine means ports in the Colombian’s Caribbean, this information is updated every day in the web page of the CIOH. At the moment he is working on the implementation the ROMS (Regional Ocean Modeling System) to the Colombian basin in a high performance computer (HPC), this is going to help to determinate the influence of the ENSO in Colombia.

Other Interests

He is interested to learn more in depth about the parallel, grid and GPU computing to improve the performance of the oceanographic models, which can help obtain better results with less time.