Nabilt J. Moggiano

PhD student, MSc student, Faculty of Physical Sciences, National University of San Marcos

Background and research interests

Nabilt obtained a BSc in Physics from National University of San Marcos in 2010. She was an undergraduate researcher in Physical Natural Disasters Laboratory. In 2011 she was participant of Tsunami Group and Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission Tsunami Programme (IOC ICG/PTWS) in Chile. She has been researching on tsunami inundation model validation 15th August 2007, Peru Earthquake (to be published).

Now she is a research physicist at Peruvian Tsunami Warning Center and she is working in develops tsunami flood maps for her country through tsunami numerical modeling together with professional staff of Peruvian Navy.
She is familiar with some open source packages such TUNAMI-N2 and NEOWAVE developed in codes Fortran, Matlab, Generic Mapping Tools programming.

She is interested in learn about COMCOT, COULWAVE and GeoClaw. She would like to strengthen physical and mathematical concepts, learn computational aspects as parallel computing with MPI, and also research in seismic source inversion for tsunami generation.
Her main research interests are using numerical modeling methods for tsunami far- field in special near-field and how to work with data offshore (tidegage, DART buoy) in real-time for early tsunami warning system.

Other interests

Nabilt enjoya traveling internationally, watching TV, and going to the movies are all activities.