Milton A. Gonçalves Jr.

Research Associate, High Performance Computing Center, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Background and research interests

Milton obtained a DSc in Civil Engineering at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) in 2011. He got his MSc in Nuclear Engineering at the Nuclear Engineering Institute (IEN) in 2006 and BSc in Physics at UFRJ, also in 2006. He has interest in computational fluid mechanics and stabilized finite element methods.

He is currently a research associate in Professor Alvaro Coutinho research group at the High Performance Computing Center at UFRJ. He works in a project supported by Petrobras on the simulation of green water effects on ships. His role is to simulate the waves and sea conditions using a 2-fluid finite element solver (VOF).

Other interests

Milton plays soccer as much as possible. In addition, he is passionate about music and recently is learning to play guitar.