Kobi Mosquera

PhD student at University Paul Sabatier

Background and research interests

Kobi Mosquera is a physicist and is part of the staff of the IGP (Instituto Geofisico del Peru) as a Professional-5 type (P5). He obtained a Masters degree in Physics at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and, nowadays, he is a PhD student at the University Paul Sabatier (France). His work deal with the role of long equatorial wave (Kelvin and Rossby) in the Pacific Ocean, specifically, in El Niño phenomenon. In order to reach this objective, he develops simple ocean models (shallow water type) in FORTRAN language and, also, uses in situ, remote or reanalysis data for the analysis. One of these models is used as a resource to monitor the intraseasonal Kelvin wave along the equatorial Pacific line due the potential impact of these in the sea surface temperature (SST) along the peruvian coast.