Andy Terrel

Research Associate, Texas Advanced Computing Center / Adjunct Professor, University of Texas at Austin

Background and research interests

Dr. Andy R. Terrel is a High Performance Computing researcher at the Texas Advanced Computing Center. In this role, Andy helps users utilize supercomputers with Python and studies methods for speeding up computational fluid dynamics. He graduated from the University of Chicago with a Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2010 and has been programming in Python for the last decade. He is a contributor to numerous open source projects including FEniCS Project and Sympy, and is skilled in C/C++ programming, Python, parallel computing with MPI, GPU computing with CUDA and/or OpenCL.


Other interests

Andy enjoys food, especially beer and seafood. He owns many cookbooks and is known to regularly spend four hours in the kitchen cooking for guests. He also likes board games, and has more european-style board games than most people know exist and can spend whole weekends playing.

Dr Terrel will also assist Prof. Ridgway Scott with the practical section of his module, in which they will use FEniCS.