The following materials were used during the lecture portions of this school. These materials (and much more) were made available during the institute via a Piazza site. After the event, we are making the material publicly available, for educational purposes. Please note that the slides are the copyright of the respective authors/speakers, and contact them if you want to reuse something.

Keynote and invited talks:

Crustal Deformations Associated with Earthquakes

Prof. Sergio Barrientos, Scientific Director of the Seismological Service of the University of Chile

Nonlinear propagation of storm waves: infragravity wave generation and dynamics

Prof. Rodrigo Cienfuegos, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Main instruction modules in the Program:

Check the Program section of this website for summary descriptions of each set of lectures, and the People section for biographies of the speakers. Below, you will find links to the PDF files of slide decks used during presentations.

Screencasts of several of the lectures are available via YouTube. Follow the links below or check this playlist:

Basics of Surface Wave Simulation

Prof. Ridgway Scott

Theory and modeling of coastal hazards

by Dr Philip Liu, School of Civil and Environment Engineering, Cornell University

Advanced ocean model systems and their applications to coastal hazard research and prediction

by Dr Changsheng Chen, Department of Fisheries Oceanography, School for Marine Science and Technology

Modeling tides and storm surges

by Dr Cheryl Ann Blain, Oceanography Division, Naval Research Laboratory

Introduction to modeling tsunamis with GeoClaw

by David George, US Geological Survey

Finite-volume solutions to hyperbolic PDEs

by Dr Donna Calhoun, Department of Mathematics, Boise State University

Large-scale, wave-driven problems: Development and application of numerical models

by Dr Patrick Lynett, Department of Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University