Lillian Soto-Cordero

Staff scientist, Puerto Rico Seismic Network

Lillian Soto-Cordero is a research project manager for (1) the Seismic and geodetic instrumentation and seismological study of South-Eastern Puerto Rico (FEMA Grant) and (2) the Regional Moment Tensor Study of Deep Earthquakes in the PR/VI region.

Her research interests and job duties are focused on the Caribbean Region and include real-time seismic and tsunami monitoring of the Caribbean and adjacent regions. One of her main duties at the Puerto Rico Seismic Network (PRSN) has been the development of PRSN Tsunami Response Procedures for the Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands Region. She is particularly interested in studying source processes of subduction-zone earthquakes. Her long-term research goal is the integration of regional moment tensor solutions and tsunami models into PRSN tsunami response process.

She is also interested and has actively worked on tsunami and earthquake public-awareness activities; for example, being co-organizer of the first Puerto Rico ShakeOut (2012) Island-wide earthquake drill (with over 400,000 participants). She also develops educational materials and training activities for the Puerto Rico news media, e.g., Tsunami: Guía para los Medios de Puerto Rico,