New speaker and keynote talk announcement

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October 24th, 2012

We are delighted to announce that Professor Timothy Warburton (Rice University) will be joining the PASI team of instructors. Prof. Warburton will offer a module on discontinuous Galerkin models of shallow-water phenomena (originally scheduled to be covered by Prof. Frank Giraldo of the Naval Postgraduate School, who had to cancel his participation, with regrets).

Prof. Warburton will also discuss the use of GPU hardware for shallow-water and tsunami simulations. This is a “hot topic”, without any doubt: harnessing the performance of on-chip parallelism for such time-sensitive simulations is an exciting and recent development. We are fortunate to have the unique experience of Warburton to lead this module at the PASI.

We also can now announce the keynote lecture by Dr Sergio Barrientos (University of Chile), titled: “Crustal Deformations Associated with Earthquakes”. This lecture will provide context to the rest of the summer school, focusing on the origin of most tsunami waves: the displacement of the terrain in the sea floor due to a seismic event.