The Rideshare Database has been developed to help interested members of the Boston University community post their willingness to carpool or vanpool and coordinate with like-minded colleagues to share the ride. The Rideshare Database contains three pages and requires your BU username and Kerberos password in order to log in to these pages. In order to participate in the Rideshare Program, you must complete the “Submit Entry Form.” Descriptions and links to each page are outlined below.

Submit Entry Form

On this form, you will be prompted to enter some personal information (city, state, zip code, email address) along with answering some questions pertaining to your work schedule and driving/riding preferences. By answering these questions, the database can help you find a suitable match with someone who shares your commute. Upon submission of this form, your information will be added to the Rideshare Database and a results page will appear.

Submit Entry Form

Matches/Modify Your Search Page

The criteria your matches will be based on are:

  • the first five digits of your zip code
  • gender preference (if specified)
  • smoking preference (if specified)
  • driving preference
  • work schedule (work days, departure times, return times)

The fields that are displayed when a match is found are: the name, work schedule, affiliation to the University (faculty, staff, student), city, email, gender, smoking preference, and driving/riding preference of your matches. To help protect privacy, email is the only method of contact.

The “Modify Your Search” section has been added to help you search for entries based on the criteria you specify. A “View All Entries” link is also available.

Matches/Modify Search Page

Public Search Page

This page allows you to search for matches in the database without having to submit your personal information. After filling out your search criteria, you will be delivered to the “Matches/Modify Your Search” page.

Public Search Page

Parking & Transportation Services welcomes your suggestions, ideas, questions, and comments regarding the Rideshare Database. Please direct your electronic mail to the Parking Services Employee Transportation Coordinator, useĀ this online form, or call us at 617-353-2160.