School & Department Permits

Guest Passes

For individuals and small groups…

University Guest Passes authorize single-day parking in a specified attended parking facility. University schools, colleges, and departments may purchase and individually distribute Guest Passes to the attended facility before their guest arrives. In order to guarantee a space on campus for a guest, an email should be sent to with the guest’s name, the date and time of the guest’s arrival, and the desired attended facility. A member of our staff will confirm the request and add the request to our Parking Calendar in order for our office to reserve a space for your guest on the date of guest’s arrival.

These purchases must be secured using Internal Service Requests (ISRs) at the cost of $12.00 each. Guest Passes purchased in this manner do not expire but, for accounting reasons, they should be used within the same fiscal year in which they were purchased. ISRs must be received at least five (5) business days before the passes are needed. Departments may also place larger or “bulk” orders of guest passes so they may have them readily on-hand for future guests or events.

Guest Passes are for the use of guests and visitors only and cannot be used by Boston University students, faculty or staff. Guest Passes may not be re-sold by departments or individuals.

Take a look at our guest pass ordering guideline here!

For small events…

Schools, colleges, and departments may subsidize the parking fees of conference and event attendees using Guest Passes. In such cases, the school or department purchases a sufficient number of Guest Passes for their event attendees. The Guest Passes are then delivered to Parking Managers at the assigned parking facility for use. Unused Guest Passes are held for pick-up at Parking & Transportation Services; departments will be notified via email when the passes are available for pick-up.

To initiate a request for parking for your event, send an email to that specifies the number of Guest Passes needed and the parking facility in which they should be valid. A member of our staff will be in touch to finalize the details of the arrangement. A reservation will then be added to our Parking Calendar to ensure the needed parking capacity will be available.

IMPORTANT: Guest Passes are for the use of guests and visitors only and cannot be used by Boston University faculty, staff, or students. If you have any questions about the proper use of Guest Passes, please contact Parking & Transportation Services for assistance.

Parking Permits for University Vehicles

On-campus parking for all vehicles titled to the Trustees of Boston University, whether by sale or lease agreement, must be authorized by their officially assigned custodians on an annual basis during the month of August. For complete details, please contact Parking & Transportation Services staff by phone at 617-353-2160 or by email at