Faculty & Staff Reciprocal Parking

CRC/BUMC Permit Parking Arrangement

Boston University’s Charles River (CRC) and Medical (BUMC) Campuses have a reciprocal parking arrangement that allows faculty and staff based on one campus to park their vehicles in designated areas on the opposite (non-home-based) campus, provided they hold one of the permit types identified below. This reciprocal parking agreement does not allow unlimited parking or overnight parking on the opposite campus for qualified Faculty/Staff permit holders.

Generally, reciprocal parking privileges are limited to a maximum of three (3) times per week (Sunday–Saturday). Those who park on the opposite campus more than three times per week on a regular basis must contact the Parking & Transportation Services office on the opposite campus to establish an appropriate arrangement, which may include purchasing a parking permit for that campus. More information about parking on the Medical Campus is available on the Medical Campus website.

The following Charles River Campus Permit types authorize reciprocal parking in the Medical Campus 710 Albany Street Garage:

  • Green
  • Brown

To benefit from this reciprocal parking arrangement, Charles River Campus Green and Brown permit holders must do the following:

  • Take a parking ticket from the dispenser at the 710 Albany garage entrance gate
  • Before leaving the garage, go to the Medical Campus Parking office (adjacent to the 1st floor of the 710 garage) and present the following:
        1. 710 Albany parking ticket
        2. parking permit (if on hanger) or permit number (if adhered to the driver’s-side window)
        3. University identification card

Parking staff will then validate parking ticket which should be used to exit the facility.

All Medical Campus Permit types except the following authorize reciprocal parking in any attended parking facility (Map) on the Charles River Campus:

  • Daily Fee
  • BUMC Medical Student
  • Off Shift

To benefit from this reciprocal parking arrangement, which is only available at attended Charles River Campus parking facilities, qualified BUMC permit holders must do the following:

  1. Receive a parking ticket from the dispenser or attendant
  2. Display the authorized BUMC parking permit (if on hanger) or identify permit location (if adhered to the vehicle)
  3. Present your BUMC identification card to the attendant
  4. Display the parking ticket on the dashboard of the vehicle while it is parked in the facility

The following event parking policies occasionally alter these reciprocal accommodations on the Charles River Campus:

Agganis Arena Event Parking Policy

Arena parking spaces in the Agganis Arena Parking Garage (Lot A) and the Agganis Arena surface lot (Lot C2) may be used as supplementary parking by Boston University employees with parking permits at no cost when there are no Arena events or performances scheduled. Most performances and sporting events will take place during the evening and on weekends, thus allowing employee permit parking during the majority of normal work time. However, due to the obligation to provide adequate parking for event attendees, Boston University employees may not use Agganis Arena Lots A and C-2 during scheduled events and 90 minutes prior to the start of weekday and weekend evening performances and sporting events.

In preparation for some events, Agganis Arena parking lots will be closed to Boston University employees during the day of some weekday and weekend matinee performances and other University events (Spring Open House, Commencement, etc.). During these restricted periods, Boston University employees with qualifying parking permits may park at no additional cost at the Langsam Garage (Lot B) and at the parking facility at 808 Commonwealth Avenue (Lot F) on a space-available basis.