New Parking System – Employees

Video: Meet Boston University’s New Parking System (2:11)

Boston University’s Charles River Campus is getting a parking system upgrade. The new “License Plate Recognition”-based system will use license plate reading cameras to grant or deny access to major lots and garages. Some people won’t even need to display a parking permit at all anymore!

  • Your BU ID is your backup credential if the system is unable to read your license plate. You may need to “tap” it on the kiosk to enter or exit. BU IDs that have not been replaced since 2012 do not have proximity capability and should be replaced in order to be used as a secondary credential for entry or exit.
  • Make sure your information is correct. The new system may not allow you to park if your license plate information on file with PTS is incorrect or out-of-date. Take care when entering license plate information and be sure to email us if there are changes to your vehicle’s information.
  • Having trouble entering or exiting a lot? Press the “assistance” button on the kiosk and someone will get you on your way.
  • For employees with active Green, Off-Peak Green, Yellow, Brown, or White Permits, no action is required. These permits will continue to function provided the license plate information on file with PTS is correct.

Please select a parking option before the system goes live on August 10th. Most BU employees who wish to park on campus will choose the DAILY PARKING PROGRAM, a GREEN PARKING PERMIT, a CARPOOL PERMIT, or a MOTORCYCLE PERMIT.


Best for those who intend to drive occasionally, particularly MBTA users

  • Pay $8/day only for the days you park
  • Automated, secure payment via credit card on file
  • Remain eligible for subsidized MBTA benefits
  • Convenient parking in six gated garages and lots
  • Replaces Red (Pay-on-Entry) Permits
  • Only allows one vehicle license plate to be listed. When driving secondary vehicles, employee must use BU ID for entry/exit.
  • No need to display a permit
  • Subject to availability

How to sign up for the Daily Parking Program:


For the frequent driver who prefers more parking location options

  • $40/week paid via pre-tax payroll deduction
  • Access to all Faculty/Staff lots and garages plus alley spaces
  • Allows for listing of multiple license plates (but only one vehicle may park on campus at a time)
  • Parking Permit must be displayed

How to sign up for a Green Permit:


Drive with a colleague and save

How to sign up for a Carpool Permit: email


Affordable and convenient

How to sign up for a Motorcycle Permit: Fill out a Manual Parking Application