Pedestrian Mall Information

I need to drop off or pick up equipment or research specimens near my lab or film equipment near COM in my personal vehicle. Will I have access to the pedestrian malls?

Yes, designated 30-minute loading/unloading zones are clearly marked on the Blandford and Hinsdale Malls and accessible 24/7. A few spaces in the Warren Towers Garage are set aside for this purpose as well. A parking permit is not needed to access the 30-minute loading/unloading spaces in the Warren Towers Garage.

How are the 30-minute loading/unloading zones monitored and enforced in order to maintain equitable use of the zones?

When the Blandford Mall and Warren Towers Garage are attended, access to the 30-minute loading/unloading zones is coordinated with the parking attendants.

At all times, the 30-minute loading/unloading zones is monitored by Parking & Transportation Service vehicles outfitted with license plate recognition technology.

There are many people in the Cummington area that receive rides to and from work. Are these vehicles permitted on the pedestrian malls and are designated spaces established for dropping off or picking up passengers?

Vehicles picking up or dropping off passengers are not allowed on the pedestrian malls. If a safe passenger pick-up or drop-off space is not available on Commonwealth Avenue, side streets such as St. Mary’s Street and Granby Street (via Bay State Road) are recommended.

Are cabs be allowed to travel on the pedestrian malls?

Cabs are not allowed to travel on the Blandford or Cummington Malls. Cabs can make use of the Hinsdale Mall, but will have to enter and exit the Hinsdale Mall via Commonwealth Avenue.

Parking & Transportation Services will investigate with the City the possibility of establishing a permanent cab stand in the central campus area, either on Commonwealth Avenue or a side street such as Granby Street.