Travel Plans Outside of Paris?

Checklist for independent travelling

  • Bring your passport, visa or any other documentation that is required for entry into your destination country.
  • Know local emergency numbers and how to find local medical services via your insurance provider.  Print out your HTH insurance card and bring it with you.
  • Know that BU has other European centers in London, Dublin, Madrid, Geneva, Dresden, Grenoble, & Rabat Morocco.  In your Paris Poche, you will find contact info for the US Embassies in many European cities and the other BU study abroad centers & staff in case of an emergency while in that country.  This info can also be found here.
  • Travel with a buddy.
  • Avoid renting cars, ride-sharing or couchsurfing and wear helmets if on a two-wheeler.
  • Bring the BU Paris emergency numbers with you, your cellphone & charger.
  • Add an “ICE”  (in case of emergency) number in your cellphone.
  • Consider differing points of view concerning gender, politics, religion.
  • Be informed before travelling & know that a smile or a hello doesn’t mean the same as on your college campus.
  • Dress appropriately and speak quietly in public places.