Staff in Paris

The Paris team is here to ensure that students get as much out of their time as possible. We supervise academics, find internships, manage housing, and organize various cultural activities.

Administrative staff

Renée Pontbriand, Director

Renee 2014

Renée completed her Masters in French with Middlebury College in Paris. She received her Bachelors of Arts in International Relations and French with Boston University and studied at the Université de Grenoble. With the program since 1991, she serves as executive manager of Boston University in Paris, bringing to bear experience in the Division of International Programs in Boston and in Grenoble. Her responsibilities span public relations, student services, communication, scheduling, budgeting, publications and alumni affairs.
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Isabelle 2017
Isabelle Briere, Program Manager

Originally from Canada, Isabelle has been residing in France since 2005 and has 13 years of experience working in international education.  She joined the Paris study abroad office in 2006.   Her primary responsibilities include program preparation and on-site orientation and general office management. She is also the housing coordinator for all programs.   In this role, she ensures that students are successful in adapting to their new living situation while studying abroad. An active member of the APUAF (Associations of American University Programs in France), she is part of APUAF’s Housing Committee and in charge of organizing workshops related to housing topics.  Prior to joining BU Paris, Isabelle briefly lived in Tokyo, Japan teaching English as a second language. Isabelle completed her photography and darkroom studies at the Prairie View School of Photography in Winnipeg and her film studies at the University of Montreal, Canada.

Julia Pivniouk, Administrative Graduate Student