Internship Sectors

CAS AH 505 Practicum in Art / Architecture Abroad
Museums, art galleries, art auction houses, art magazines, urbanism, interior design firms, dance/theatre companies

CAS EC 497 Internship in Business / Economics Abroad
Chambers of commerce, fashion and cosmetic companies, IT & telecommunications, financial services

CAS PO 401 / IR 451 Internship in Politics Abroad

Political parties, think tanks, advocacy groups & non-governmental organizations

CAS PO 403 Internship in Comparative Law
Law offices, human rights groups

CAS PO 405/IR 455 Internship in International Organization Abroad
Non-profit organizations, international aid and development organizations, embassies

CAS PS 495 Internship in Health / Human Services
Schools, hospitals, laboratories, research laboratories, psychological services, services for women’s issues, school for the learning-disabled, childcare

COM CM 471 Internship in Advertising or Public Relations
Marketing or PR departments, public relations agencies in fashion, public relations/advertising/marketing agencies, press relations in multinationals, internet advertising/marketing firms, newspapers/magazines, foreign media

COM FT 493/494 Internship in Film and Television

Production companies, television companies, radio companies, film companies, export/distribution companies

COM JO 411 Internship in Journalism
Paris correspondents of foreign publications, associations, publishing houses, photography agencies, press offices, commercial and non-commercial publications (newspapers, magazines, newsletters, etc.)

SHA HF 390 Field Placement in Hospitality Administration
Tour and travel wholesalers, airlines, convention centers, trade fairs, offices of tourism