The internship is a key opportunity among Boston University’s programs in Paris. The University is at the forefront of thinking about the relationship between school and work, and vice versa. Phase I consists of course registrations that are language proficiency-driven and Paris-specific, but is also conceived to prepare the student as a candidate for a suitable internship. Phase II, the internship itself, cannot simply be a work assignment, but must also provide an occasion to reflect on the nature of work, in a foreign language, in a global market. It therefore involves rendering a useful service to a company, observing and interacting with professionals, reading, gathering documentation, drafting an academically sound report, and preparing for an oral presentation.Farah-BAXTER
Students meet with the internship director to identify the most appropriate internship. Every effort will be made to match the student’s talents and background with available resources, but in all cases it is the internship supervisor who either accepts or declines a candidacy. Obtaining an internship is a competitive challenge, occurring in difficult economic times that question the most fundamental principles of employment and the student’s normal preconceptions about his or her past experiences and credentials. The process is a two-way street and requires considerable open-mindedness and goodwill.  Contemplating a broad range of options is preferable to limiting oneself to a very narrow focus.  Once placed, students are expected to devote full-time effort to the task.

Possible Internship sectors


Students are assigned to an internship based on their academic training, professional experience, language ability and requests for interns. Students work in their assignments five days a week. Full work days are expected although hours may vary in response to special needs within the company and to needed time for the writing workshop. Interns are registered in course designations that most closely fit their activities and the academic area that reflects those activities. They meet regularly by appointment to review the progress of their work, and to draft their internship report in a systematic and progressive way. Details of the internship process will be discussed during orientation. Evaluation of the internship is based on the written internship report, oral presentation and participation in internship workshops . Students are, after all, receiving academic credit.


Internship Course SyllabusAgir-Ici (in English)