Academic Center

The Neighborhood

Boston University Paris is located a short distance from the Champ de Mars. This is a privileged location in Paris, close to shops, restaurants, and the green, open spaces at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Students are urged to become part of a neighborhood well served by commerce and transportation and in proximity to ample parklands. For directions, please click here.

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Academic Center Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 8:30 am – 7pm (during classes) & 4:30 pm during internship phase

Friday: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm

Closed Saturday & Sunday

The Boston University Paris Academic Center is housed in a 480-square-meter air-conditioned facility. The space consists of a welcome area, administrative offices, a multimedia student resource center and a small library. We have four multimedia classrooms and a small kitchen with a coffee machine, refridgerator, and microwave.


Welcome Area

Take a seat on one of the couches and leaf though our many pamphlets and magazines. Here you will find binders filled with our students’ favorite things to do in Paris (Pariscoop) as well as past photo contest winners (Concours Photo) !



Salle Ordinateur

Multimedia Resource Center

Our computer facilities consist of ten Dell computer workstations cabled to fiber-optic lines giving direct access to Internet. There is also Wifi throughout the Center.



Le Salon ZenDSC_8667-

This area is for quiet relaxation, napping, reading or meditating. You can also play one of our many board games or have a jam session with our acoustic guitar, ukulele, and tambourine.



City of CultureDSC_8698_

Chances are good that you will have more free time to discover the city than you do in Boston. Cultural education is considered an integral part of student life here. We’re here to help you experience the realm of cultural life in Paris; take a look through our many pamphlets and guides as well as our column of weekly activities and events in Paris.



Café with RenéeDSC_8677_cropped

Our Director takes pride in her accessibility to students as a resource throughout their time in Paris and beyond.




Tune InDSCN7880

We have a vast collection of French and European cinema for you to discover. There is also a library of books and a room for you to enjoy all of it in. Browse our DVD collection here.




The Classrooms

Each one of our classrooms is equipped with an extensive audio-visual system and designed to foster discussion between students and faculty.






Complete with microwave, mini fridge and coffee machine, the kitchen is the ideal space for students to eat lunch, chat, or just grab a quick pick-me-up between classes!