Health Communication in the Decade Ahead - Conference & Networking Event

8:30 am on Saturday, June 16, 2018
4:30 pm on Saturday, June 16, 2018
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Leigh Curtin-Wilding
What forces and trends will shape the work of health communication leaders in the next 10 years...and beyond? What can we imagine the future to hold, and how will we prepare tomorrow's leaders? Share your ideas and vision, and network with professional health communicators, alumni, journalists, faculty, students and special guests at this one-day event celebrating a decade of leadership in professional health communication studies at Boston University. Networking breakfast and lunch included. Free to BU Students, Faculty - Use BU Promotional Code BUPAL at checkout MORNING KEYNOTE: Jonathan Peck, President, Sr. Futurist, Institute for Alternative Futures. "Health Communication Futures, New Media & Messages" -An interactive discussion using forecasts from multiple scenario-based projects from 2030 to 2057 to help us imagine how and what we will communicate in different futures -- and how we might use new media shaped by the convergence of artificial intelligence and neuroscience. Christie Hager, Senior Fellow, Health Policy, UMass Medical School; Public Health Lawyer; Former HHS Regional Director for New England. "Breaking Through the Static: What the ACA Rollout Taught Us About Communicating in Uncertain Times" Ms. Hager, a public health lawyer, was on the frontlines at the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services as President Obama's appointee to lead the New England Region during the ACA rollout. She offers insights and lessons for professional health communicators on how to juggle internal challenges and public-facing communication in times of uncertainty. AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: Jonathan Woodson, MD, Director, BU Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy; Professor of Surgery, School of Medicine; Professor Health Law, Policy & Management, School of Public Health; Professor in Management, Questrom School of Business; Former Asst. Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, U.S. Department of Defense from 2010-2016. "Innovation and Leadership in 21st Century Health Care" -Biotechnology. Health technology. Intelligent health system designs. Digital health tools. Dr. Jonathan Woodson, vascular surgeon, MED professor and former Asst. Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs looks at these, and other dynamic forces shaping and disrupting the front lines of health care, and what they mean for 21st Century health communication leaders. Dr. Pauline Hamel, Associate Clinical Professor, Bouve' College of Health Sciences, Northeastern University; Former Director Clinical Education. "Mentoring Through Change -- Why it Matters" -Once an afterthought of health care, professional health communication is now a dynamic -- and still emergent -- discipline. In a future shaped by DIY health decisions, risk and uncertainties, Dr. Hamel explores why now is the time to mentor our next generation of health communicators to lead with confidence. Jeff DelViscio, Director, Multimedia & Creative STAT News "The Power of Video in Health and Science Storytelling" -Visual storytelling has the power to engage, inspire, and explain health and science in a way that no other medium can. STAT’s Jeff DelViscio shows us how he and STAT journalists bring complex topics – like climate change – to life through carefully crafted and creative multimedia. Learn his pro tips, and hear why health and science news is hotter than ever. John R. Carroll, BU Journalism Professor, Media Analyst, NPR's Here & Now, WBUR's Radio Boston. "Brave News World: Are the Media Evolving or Dissolving?" -Donald Trump and digital technology have taken the media -- from news and advertising to social -- through the looking glass. Boston University journalism professor John R. Carroll leads a guided tour down the rabbit hole.