Application Deadline: Community Health Council

All Day
on Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Headquartered in Cambridge, MA and Iquitos, Peru, Community Health Council (CHC) works in collaboration with local citizens, governmental and non-governmental organizations, to improve the health, education, and living conditions of children, families and citizens of Belen currently living in extreme poverty. As part of the Belen Network, Community Health Council provides a variety of comprehensive services including health care, literacy and microcredit initiatives, nutrition, pregnancy and HIV education, family violence prevention, nutrition/sanitation education, mental health services, nonviolence education, Social Medicine Graduate Fellowships, Undergraduate Internships, clean water initiatives and aids in the coordination of over 100 volunteers who donate their time and money to travel to Peru in the service of the destitute poor who live in the Amazon Jungle in Belen District of Iquitos, Peru. Applications are now being accepted for the Summer 2013 Project Management Fellow Summer 2013. This is a Fellowship for students with a strong interest in management and the nonprofit sector with some experience at a Graduate program, such as a Master’s Degree or MBA. Management Fellows will receive a crash course on fundraising, and will learn how to lead a team and gain direct experience of managing their own team of undergraduate interns. Training will be given for Public Relations, project management, grantwriting and how to maximize creativity during group brainstorm sessions. This Fellowship is a great opportunity to be part of 40th anniversary re-branding of Gesundheit Institute, which is the most significant public relations endeavor since the Robin Williams movie “Patch Adams.” Collaborate with the government, university and nonprofit partners on projects that move the healthcare community forward. Get management and consulting experience as you hone your ability to produce meaningful results. Get involved in the exciting communities that are changing the face of global health and educational initiatives. Participate in the remote management and administrative backend of over two-dozen overseas projects, including projects in Haiti, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba, Russia, China, Tibet and many others. Strong commitment to peace, justice and human rights is a must. You must be able to multi-task, work independently, and be flexible with changing priorities. This Fellowship is unpaid, and we are unable to offer or organize housing or transportation. Start and end dates are tentative and can be discussed. This is a part–time position of 20 hrs per week. Students receive a letter of recommendation at the end of this program, which may be aimed at securing future employment beyond Gesundheit, and/or admissions to an institution of higher education. This Fellowship may also be taken as part of a course or thesis/year-end requirement. Flexibility exists for the area you wish to focus the most on. Start Date: May 19 - August 27, 2013 For more information on CHC, please visit this website. All questions are welcomed via email and will receive a prompt reply if the word “Question” is included in the subject heading: Resumes, cover letters and a writing sample should be sent to GI has over a dozen centers on the east coast of the US, please note your intended city and state of residence for the Summer 2013 on your application.