Special CMD Translational Research Seminar: Prof Adrian Whittey, BU Chemistry; Andrés L. Treviño, Children's Hospital Boston

4:00 pm on Wednesday, November 7, 2012
5:00 pm on Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Finding NEMO - exploring the complex nature of NEMO biology “New Approaches to Developing NEMO Inhibitors” Professor Adrian Whitty has been with the BU Department of Chemistry since 2008. He previously held the title of Director of Physical Biochemistry at Biogen Idec. “Andy & Sofia: Stem cells, scientific miracles and one fit savior” Andrés L. Treviño is a fundraiser at Children’s Hospital Boston, and is a frequent spokesman for stem cell research. He has presented his story by a number of businesses and institutions and has published the book “Andy & Sofia”, a memoir of that journey. The Center for Molecular Discovery at Boston University presents a special seminar on NEMO biology with discussions from the perspective of both patient and researcher. NF-kappa-B essential modulator (NEMO) is a protein encoded by the IKBKG gene. Mutations in the IKBKG gene result in several types of immunodeficiencies, such as in the case of Andy Treviño. Andy suffers from a disease caused by low NEMO activity, and the story of his illness and treatment will be presented by his father, Andrés Treviño. Professor Whitty will share up to date information on his research in the discovery of inhibitors to reduce NEMO activity for potential use in diseases where the problem is immunological and arises from too much activity.