Opportunities of a Lifetime

When President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama invite you to their winter reception—your heart skips a beat. When you realize that flying all fifteen members of your student group—The Boston University Allegrettos—is a financial impossibility, your heart drops.

This is exactly what happened to Joon Choi (CAS’17), president of the BU Allegrettos. He realized members would not be able to afford their flights to Washington, D.C., much less hotel accommodations or even spending money.

As the leader of the group, Joon put together a budget for the trip and set up a meeting with Associate Provost and Dean of Students Kenn Elmore. He was quickly reassured that Dean Elmore could help—the Allegrettos would not miss the opportunity to perform at the 2016 Obama Winter Reception!

Dean Elmore used money from the Student Life Fund to pay for the students’ airfare, to ensure that the students in need would have pocket money for the basic necessities, and paid for the ground transportation to and from the White House. Dean Elmore also used his connections to secure accommodations for the students at the home of a BU alum.

When you receive the opportunity of a lifetime, let your heart skip, the Student Life Division is committed to supporting students throughout their BU journeys, particularly to the White House.

Photo attribution: White House Social Office
Photo attribution: White House Social Office