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BU’s India Club is the largest cultural group on campus

By Taylor Toole

In the video above, watch members of BU’s India Club rehearse and perform their annual fall show, which in 2013 was titled Rangeela. Photo by David Gordon. Video by Taylor Toole.

When it was organized more than 30 years ago, the BU India Club (BUIC) hoped to bring together people of South Asian descent from around the Boston area to meet and network. Today, BUIC is the largest cultural group on campus, with more than 250 active members and over 1,000 alumni.

The club hosts meetings, community service events, dinners, basketball tournaments, and festivals, but its flagship events are the cultural shows members stage each fall and spring. The fall 2013 festival, Rangeela, drew a crowd of several hundred. The event showcased Indian dance teams performing classical Indian dance, as well as other styles, such as garba raas, bhangra, and hip-hop fusion.

A version of this story previously appeared on BU Today.

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