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What to Do When Visiting Your Terrier

Above: A mom and her freshman exchange hugs outside Sleeper Hall on BU’s West Campus. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

Arriving for Parents Weekend and at a loss for how to entertain your son or daughter while you’re here? (Hint: No early-bird breakfasts.) We asked the experts for advice on what your Terrier wants to do while you’re in town.

Please, Feed Them First

Have a delicious brunch at Eastern Standard, or eat dinner as a family at Scoozi in Kenmore Square—both are favorite spots among BU students (when mom and dad are paying).—Jennifer Jaroslavsky (CAS’15, CFA’15)

Treat your son or daughter to dinner at Top of the Hub downtown, where you’ll get to look over a beautiful panoramic view of Boston while eating some exquisite food.—Fatima Adigun (CAS’15, SAR’15)

Parents should take their students out for a nice meal in the North End for a change of pace from eating in the dining halls.—Karni Semerjian (SMG’14)

Take in the Town as a Tourist


Taking a Boston Duck Tour definitely qualifies as touristy—but it's also a chance to explore the rest of the city. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

Go apple picking, watch a sports game, hit the shops on Newbury Street or in Harvard Square, or simply stroll down the Esplanade.—Nathalie Langlois (SMG’16)

I would definitely recommend a whale-watching boat ride out of Boston Harbor. My family and I went last year and it was nice to get out on the water.—Shannon Clark (SMG’16)

Go check out the newly renovated New England Aquarium or the magnificent Museum of Fine Arts (where your BU student will get in for free). Let your student show you how they’ve mastered the T.—Fatima Adigun (CAS’15, SAR’15)

You and your student should do all the touristy things, because four years fly by before you know it.—Karni Semerjian (SMG’14)

Cheer On the Terriers at Head of the Charles

A wonderful way to spend your Sunday morning is to start with a walk along the river while enjoying one of Boston’s most exciting sporting events: the Head of the Charles Regatta.—Jennifer Jaroslavsky (CAS’15, CFA’15)

I would suggest going over to Cambridge to walk around and see the regatta. Last year, there were a ton of freebies and it was a gorgeous day to enjoy such a popular event.—Shannon Clark (SMG’16)

Get to Know Your Student’s BU

BU Central is kicking off its "LIVE" music series. People come to BU Central for the concert. Photo by Chitose Suzuki

From live bands to stand-up comics, BU Central offers on-campus (free) entertainment for BU students and their guests. Photo by Chitose Suzuki

Have your son or daughter show you the top floor of StuVi2, or go eat in Marciano Commons or Late Night Kitchen. Take a walk around campus and visit their school, their dorm, Bay State Road, and the Esplanade. Or go to an event at BU Central or the Howard Thurman Center.—Sua Morales (COM’14)

I think parents should try to understand what their students are experiencing on a daily basis. See the classroom buildings, the dining halls, and your student’s favorite BU landmarks. Parents will have a better sense of what students are doing, and students will feel like their parents are involved in daily life. And, of course, be sure to take your student to a fancy dinner afterward.—Elizabeth McLeod (COM’15)

If you and your son or daughter are fans of classical chamber music, make sure to check out the Boston University Chamber Ensembles at Marsh Chapel on Saturday night. If not, take in one of the other Parents Weekend events.—Jennifer Jaroslavsky (CAS’15, CFA’15)

Just spend time with your son or daughter. That’s really what they want.—Matthew Farmer (CAS’14, ENG’15)

Please share your own tips in the comments section below.

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  • had an amazing weekend with my daughter!

  • In your article, indirectly you have posted information about best eat out spots, hang out places and many other things to do in Boston. It is useful for not only parents – students but also for any normal traveler. Thanks for the informative content.

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