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A Special Message from the Chairman of the Parents Leadership Council

Photo by Vernon Doucette

Dear Fellow Parents,

As we were preparing this issue of Parent to launch, the tragic and unprecedented events that transpired at the Boston Marathon and their aftermath were unfolding. The Boston University community is mourning the loss of one of our students, Lu Lingzi (GRS’14).

In the face of such calamity, the City of Boston responded with remarkable strength. The Boston University community did too, and I felt great pride in watching students, faculty, and staff pull together and support each other with courage, caring, and patience during a very difficult time. As the community continues to heal, I would like to remind you of the counseling services available to students throughout the semester, as well as during the summer months.

At this time, we look at the many ways students and faculty form communities of learning and support throughout the year, from a student-run radio station to a new center that promotes safety on campus. Through experiences like the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), students participate in significant research studies alongside professors. Research programs like UROP recently earned BU an invitation to join the Association of American Universities, a prestigious group of 62 major U.S. and Canadian research institutions.

The end of this spring semester will still be time for meaningful celebration. The BU community will honor the Class of 2013 at Commencement on Sunday, May 19. If your Terrier is among the graduates, don’t miss our story about students helping one another prepare for life after BU.

As you read, please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us, ask questions, and post comments. The Parents Program wishes you a happy and safe summer.

Best wishes,
Jeanne Knox, Chairman, Parents Leadership Council
Mother of Merrill (COM’06) and Bobby (CGS’08, SAR’10, SPH’12)


The Parents Leadership Council is comprised of current and fellow parents who have a special place in the BU community. A leadership gift in the amount of $5,000 or more will reserve your place on the council.

For more information about the Parents Leadership Council and Parent Giving please visit

2013 Parents Leadership Council

  1. John & Therese Adams
    Sagamore Beach, MA
    Morgan (CFA’15)
  2. Erich & Anna Baumgartner
    Silver Spring, MD
    Erica (CGS’08, SHA’11)
    Monica (CGS’11, SAR’13)
  3. David (CGS’77, CAS’79) & Kim Buttolph
    New Canaan, CT
    Amanda (SED’11)
    Kristen (CGS’10, COM’12)
  4. John Carey
    Wellesley Hills, MA
    Julia (CFA’11, CFA’16)
  5. Nancy Djang
    Los Angeles, CA
    Robin (MED’11)
  6. George & Susan (GRS’84) Domolky
    Boston, MA
    John (CGS’11, SHA’13)
  7. Marc Duneier
    New York, NY
    Emily (COM’08)
  8. Tony & Sheila Fant
    North Caldwell, NJ
    Patrick (ENG’16)
  9. Peter & Kathy (CGS’81, SMG’83) Fuller
    Belmont, MA
    Peter (CAS’16)
  10. Ed & Lisa Gilligan
    New York, NY
    Kathryn (CGS’10, CAS’12)
    Meghan (CGS’11, COM’13)
  11. William & Debralee (CGS’76, CAS’78) Goldberg
    Ontario, Canada
    Benjamin (CGS’07, SMG’09, GSM’13)
  12. Prem & Mamta Gupta
    New Delhi, India
    Ishaan (SMG’10)
    Samvid (SMG’14)
  13. Jeff & Jamie Harris
    New York, NY
    Daniel (CGS’11, COM’13)
  14. Steven & Jaclyn Janaszak
    Babylon, NY
    Michelle (CAS’13, ENG’14)


  1. Thomas & Beth Joyce
    San Diego, CA
    Dillon (SMG’14)
  2. Michael & Betty Kadoorie
    Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong
    Michael (CGS’13, BU’15)
  3. Jeanne Knox
    Chairman, PLC
    Greenwich, CT
    Merrill (COM’06)
    Bobby (CGS’08, SAR’10, SPH’12)
  4. Randy & Marie Landsberger
    Toluca Lake, CA
    Brett (CGS’14, BU’16)
  5. Steve & Julie Lifton
    Sands Point, NY
    Ali (CGS’12, COM’14)
  6. Anthony Manory
    Portsmouth, RI
    John (CGS’13, BU’15)
  7. Stephen & Erin McCarthy
    Duxbury, MA
    Siobhan (CGS’13, BU’15)
  8. Daniel McGovern & Tessa Smith McGovern
    Westport, CT
    Danielle (BU’15)
  9. Marten & Annika Mickos
    Los Altos, CA
    Johan (ENG’14)
  10. Mark & Mary Millsap
    Little Rock, AR
    George (CFA’13)
  11. Gurramkonda N. & G. V. Naidu
    Peoria, IL
    Harini (CAS’08, MED’11)
  12. Sanjay (ENG’87) & Falguni Patel
    Sudbury, MA
    Felicia (ENG’14)
  13. Victor Polk & Catherine Chapman
    Newton Center, MA
    Abraham (CAS’13)
  14. Karma Roberts
    Piedmont, CA
    Mark (CGS’06, CAS’08)
    Hilary (CGS’10, COM’12)


  1. Jay & Liz Roewe
    Los Angeles, CA
    Chris (COM’14)
  2. William & Betsey Ruprecht
    Greenwich, CT
    Andrew (CGS’11, SHA’13)
    Charles (CGS’11, SHA’13)
  3. Henry & Susan Samueli
    Corona Del Mar, CA
    Erin (SED’16)
  4. Ian & Lisa Schapiro
    Pacific Palisades, CA
    Shaun (CGS’13, BU’15)
  5. Robert Sims & Roberta Kameda
    Emerald Hills, CA
    Samantha (CAS’16)
  6. Yannis Skoufalos & Maria Kalomenidou
    Mason, OH
    Georgios (ENG’15)
  7. Ralph & Sarah Spuehler
    Wolfeboro, NH
    Pamela (CGS’06, CAS’09)
  8. Nicholas Vasilopoulos & Eileen Garvey
    Rockville Centre, NY
    Emily (SMG’16)
  9. Maria Vecchiotti
    New York, NY
    Stephen Tanico (CAS’13)
  10. Yichwan Wang & Wendy O’Neill
    New York, NY
    Liam (CAS’13)
  11. William & Olivia Weeks
    Southport, CT
    William (CGS’06, CAS’08)
    Whitney (CGS’08, CAS’10)
    Olivia (CGS’10, CAS’12)
  12. Wimbanu & Rita Widyatmoko
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Adria (CAS’16)
  13. Wesley & Suzanne Wildman
    Needham, MA
    Samuel (CAS’13)
    Benjamin (CAS’15)
  14. Wayne (CAS’79) & Deborah Zuckerman
    Livingston, NJ
    Andrew (CGS’13, BU’15)