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From sending care packages to finding summer storage, there are always things you wish you’d known about BU ahead of time. Who knows better than the parents who did it before you?

Photo of the Qadir family on move-in day by Kalman Zabarsky

Visiting Your Terrier

11-3612-SPRINGFUN-001Boston is an incredibly fun city, but driving there is no fun; if you can avoid driving, you’re ahead of the game. Choose lodging near an MBTA Green Line rail if possible, and keep in mind that your student may want to crash in the hotel with you.—Michael Honza, father of Alex (CAS’12)

Getting cannoli at Mike’s Pastry in the North End is a must.—Shannon Michael, mother of Lauren (CAS’15)

Summer Storage

tape_19042032Using a storing service such as Collegeboxes is convenient and affordable. The company sent all the boxes, tape, and packaging directly to my student. They picked the boxes up from his dorm room, stored everything over the summer, and on move-in day delivered them to his new room! The total cost was under $150.—Sandi Moeller, mother of Alex (CAS’15)

Storage of our daughter’s dorm contents was an issue. Luckily, her roommate lives locally, so in exchange for her storing all of Lauren’s belongings for free over the summer, we paid for the MicroFridge unit for their sophomore year together.—Shannon Michael, mother of Lauren (CAS’15)


09-1799-SKYPE-041Give them some space to grow into a young adult and encourage them to explore new ideas and experiences.—Michael Honza, father of Alex (CAS’12)

I always have good communication with my sons. Sometimes, we have to respect that they are tired or stressed out and don’t want to talk a lot. When this is the case, I tell them that they can just send a text that they are okay and call when they have time.Maria Falci, mother of Pedro (COM’11)

Skype is an awesome thing when your son or daughter is away! On the phone, it’s often hard to tell how your child is really doing. Skype allows you to see the facial expressions. Plus, it’s a great way for them to show you around the dorm!Jim Macika, father of Allison (CAS’14)

Sophomore Slump

If your son or daughter is experiencing a sophomore slump, planning for junior year can really help things move alongplan a trip or a semester abroad; find a local job opportunity. Sophomores can (and should) be thinking about their plans and applying, since it can take a whole year to figure out something appropriate. Encourage your son or daughter to meet new people and broaden his or her college experiences by stepping off campus; Boston is rich with adventure.Susan McHale, mother of Marguerite (CAS’13)

Summer Break

Reentry into the family home may be difficult. Remember, they’ve been living on their own for several months, under their own rules. They have been living under your roof since they were born and they know the rules. Respect their independence, embrace their individuality, and just be glad they’re home!Marianne and Robert Dwan, parents of Matthew (SMG’14)

I saw my sons very little during the summer. One always worked at BU and didn’t come home, and the other one always went abroad somewhere. I realized that I cannot be selfish (because I would have loved to have them around the house again!), but it was their time to explore and take advantage of all the opportunities a college life has to offer.Maria Falci, mother of Pedro (COM’11)

Care Packages

parentschocchipYou can send a gift card for a restaurant in another part of the city, such as the downtown area or the North End, so your child can explore other areas of the city. I also send my son a special care package for Passover. I bake all sorts of cookies and cakes so they last him all eight days, since he can’t eat the regular desserts during the holiday.Edie Rau, mother of Justin (SMG’14)

Instead of knickknacks or food that won’t be eaten, we send a funny card, add Terrier points, send gift cards, or add money to his Starbucks card. They’re perfect, compact, and they cost less to mail.Marianne and Robert Dwan, parents of Matthew (SMG’14)

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  • I do have some T-shirts and gift items with designs by my son Eytan who has autism and with messages about respecting differences that could be a nice gift for your college student at
    If you want to send your child a really funny and exciting package to open go to my friend’s website at I sent my daughter a package from there for Chanukah and she really LOVED the package. Go check it out and pick out the fun gifts that your son or daughter would enjoy for any occasion – including procrastination!

  • Hello BU parents,
    My daughter is going to be a part of the batch of 2017 at BU this fall! The college boxes information was super helpful :) and I’m really looking forward to her being a part of this amazing community and getting to know some of you other concerned parents out there too :D

    Best, Shraddha Singhania.

  • wow n thanks for the information it has been extremely helpful!

  • All the info was great, would’ve to know more info on summer storage
    Thanks again

  • I sent a care package to my daughter at BU from our home state of Minnesota and she loved it! She loves Boston but misses home and this really helped ( Do you think a BU student would want a Boston themed care package?

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