Parent Magazine

A Letter from the Chairman of the Parents Leadership Council

Jeanne Knox

Dear Fellow Parents,

It’s hard to believe that the spring semester is almost over when so many of us are still waiting for winter to arrive. I have recently returned from a trip to the West Coast with the dean of students. We attended receptions for BU parents in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco. The enthusiasm for and interest in Boston University was inspiring. I hope you share in this excitement, as parents are important members of the BU community.

Now that I am back on the East Coast, I am focused on Commencement Weekend (May 18–20, 2012), as I am again experiencing the incredible joy of being the parent of a graduate. This is a perfect opportunity to congratulate our graduates and their families, as well as to welcome the Class of 2012 to the BU alumni community of 300,000 and growing. I also want to recognize our Parents Leadership Council (PLC) members who are parents of graduating seniors—and to thank them for all their work on behalf of the University.

This summer, I’ll devote much of my time, with fellow PLC members, to summer Orientation. We are eager to welcome the parents and students of the Class of 2016 (the most competitive class in BU’s history) to the BU family.

In this issue of Parent, you’ll learn about summer leadership opportunities on campus; you’ll meet our new provost, Jean Morrison; you’ll be impressed by our outstanding student athletes; and so much more. As you read, please feel free to share your thoughts with us.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful summer break.

Best wishes,

Jeanne Knox
Chairman, Parents Leadership Council
Mother of Merrill (COM’06) and Bobby (CGS’08, SAR’10, SPH’12)

2011–2012 Parents Leadership Council

  1. George Altirs
    Saddle River, NJ
    Charlotte (CGS’12, BU’14)
  2. Kim Buttolph
    New Canaan, CT
    Kristen (CGS’10, COM’12)
  3. Marie Pinak Carr
    Washington, D.C.
    Elizabeth (SHA’10)
  4. Neal (CGS’80, CAS’82) & Diana (CAS’81, COM’82) Cohen
    New York, NY
    Lindsay Arden Cohen (CGS’10, COM’12)
  5. Haim & Barbara Dabah
    New York, NY
    Stephen (CGS’12, BU’14)
  6. Jacqueline Dedell
    Litchfield, CT
    Skylar (CGS’10, CAS’12)
  7. Susan Domolky
    Boston, MA
    John (CGS’11, SHA’13)
  8. Shimon & Lisa Feldman
    Santa Monica, CA
    Maya (ENG’14)
  9. Lisa Gilligan
    New York, NY
    Kathryn (CGS’10, CAS’12)
    Meghan (CGS’11, COM’13)
  10. William & Debralee (CGS’76, CAS’78) Goldberg
    Ontario, Canada
    Benjamin (CGS’07, SMG’09)
  11. Prem & Mamta Gupta
    New Delhi, India
    Ishaan (SMG’10)
    Samvid (SMG’14)

  1. Jamie Harris
    New York, NY
    Daniel (CGS’11, COM’13)
  2. Lisa Stewart Jacobs

    Roslyn, NY
    Jesse (SHA’08)
    Eric (CGS’09, SHA’12)
  3. Sunil & Sunita Kanoria
    Kolkata, India
    Anant (CAS’12)
  4. Jeanne Knox
    (Chairman, PLC)
    Greenwich, CT
    Merrill (COM’06)
    Bobby (CGS’08, SAR’10, SPH’12)
  5. Steve & Julie Lifton
    Sands Point, NY
    Ali (CGS’12, COM’14)
  6. Damelys Marin
    Weston, CT
    Daniel (COM’15)
  7. Marten & Annika Mickos
    Los Altos, CA
    Johan (ENG’14)
  8. Paul & Becky Moir
    Los Angeles, CA
    Dylan (COM’12)
  9. Gurramkonda N. & G. V. Naidu
    Peoria, IL
    Harini (CAS’08, MED’11)
  10. Karma Roberts
    Oakland, CA
    Mark (CGS’06, CAS’08)
    Hilary (CGS’10, COM’12)


  1. Jay & Liz Roewe
    Los Angeles, CA
    Chris (COM’14)
  2. Betsey Ruprecht
    Greenwich, CT
    Andrew (CGS’11, SHA’13)
    Charles (CGS’11, SHA’13)
  3. Yannis Skoufalos &
    Maria Kalomenidou

    Mason, OH
    Georgios (ENG’15)
  4. Mark B. Smith
    Calabasas, CA
    Spencer (CAS’15)
  5. Tessa Smith McGovern
    Westport, CT
    Danielle (CGS’13, BU’15)
  6. Christina Strassfield
    East Hampton, NY
    Zoe (CAS’15)
  7. Elaine Szujewski
    Chicago, IL
    Peter (CAS’12)
  8. Maria Vecchiotti
    New York, NY
    Stephen Tanico (CAS’13)
  9. William & Olivia Weeks
    Southport, CT
    William (CGS’06, CAS’08)
    Whitney (CGS’08, CAS’10)
    Olivia (CGS’10, CAS’12)
  10. Wayne (CAS’79) & Deborah Zuckerman
    Livingston, NJ
    Andrew (CGS’13, BU’15)