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Leadership Donor Roster

The Boston University Parents Annual Campaign helps continue the tradition of excellence that defines the BU experience. Gifts to the Parents Annual Campaign may be designated to support scholarships, student life, athletics, specific schools or colleges, or the University’s area of greatest need. On behalf of President Brown, deans, administrators, faculty and staff members, and the thousands of students who have benefited, the Parents Program would like to thank the 3,446 parents who donated more than $1,037,000 to the Parents Annual Campaign last year.

We would like to extend special recognition to the following parents who generously gave $1,000 or more to an annual fund last year. We are grateful for their leadership. To learn about the Parents Annual Campaign, please visit the Parents Program Giving page.

Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Leland C. Ackerley
Robert J. Bobb Mr. Lawrence Cohen**
Mrs. Judy Cohen** Richard Cartier Godfrey**
Alan and Sherry Leventhal
$10,000 to $24,999
Anonymous Sanjiv and Meeta Bhargava
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Bopp Jr. Mr. David D. Buttolph* **
Bonnie Chwalekand Lisa and Edward Gilligan*
Ms. Abby Grossman Modell Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moir*
Kenneth P. Morrison, Esq.** Ernesto M. Muller, D.D.S.**
Drs. Gurramkonda & G.v. Naidu* Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sall
Mr. and Mrs. Alessandro Saracino-Fendi Michael Schiffer
Mrs. Barbara J. Sloane Mr. Charles Talanian
Paul P. Tanico, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Taymor
Ms. Maria L. Vecchiotti* Mr. and Mrs. William S. Wasserman Jr.
Ronald G. Weissman, D.M.D.**
$5,000 to $9,999
Anonymous Neal S. Cohen and Mrs. Diana J. Berk-Cohen* **
Mr. and Mrs. Ioannis Alafouzos Mr. and Mrs. Haim Dabah*
Susan and George Domolky* ** Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Elias
Mary Jane England** Gregory Goodman and Susan Dee Schnitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Harris*
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hoenemeyer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Joyce
Mr. Sunil Kanoria* Mr. Steven M. Karbank**
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alan Knox* ** Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kwan
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Lifton* Ronald A. Lopez, Esq.**
Edward I. Masterman, Esq. Mrs. Sydell Schultz Masterman
Ms. Mary Ann Milano-Picardi** Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Szujewski*
Mr. John K. Twyman, Jr. Mr. William Howard Weeks*
$2,500 to $4,999
Mr. and Mrs. Nicolae Brova Mr. and Mrs. Woody Canaday
Mr. Pramot Chotipatoomwan Mr. and Mrs. Francesco Colangelo
David P. DiChiara, M.D.** Mr. and Mrs. Amedeo Gabrielli
Mr. Amit Jain** Ms. Candice James-Selander
Konstantinos Kandylidis Nancy T. Katz**
Mr. Francis Xavier Knott Mr. Lawrence M. Kosow**
Dean Kenneth R. Lutchen Thomas J. Moore, M.D.
Ms. Ciya Pan Frank L. Politano, Esq.**
Mr. Stephen Squeri Jill and Robert Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Warsofsky
$1,000 to $2,499
Anonymous Mr. Herbert Albin
Susan H. Alexander, Esq.** Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Charles Allegra
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Andriole Gary Balady and Rosemary Mehl
Howard C. Bauchner, M.D.** Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Battsek
Mr. Victor Bean Mr. Dyonisius Beti
Maureen and Robert Brownson Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Caplen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Cappello Mrs. Marie Pinak Carr*
Richard J. Catrambone, M.D.** Mrs. Janet Faulkner Chapman**
Mr. Stephen M. Cleary Mr. Charles H. Collins
Mr. Bruce C. Conway Ronald B. Corley, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lindsay Davidson Jacqueline Dedell and Ira Shapiro*
Mrs. Marcia H. Carter DeWolfe Mr. Richard B. DeWolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Joseph DiSanza Mr. and Mrs. John Dixon
Mr. David Downey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Emma
Mr. Sam Fadduol Professor Francis A. Farraye
Ms. Debra Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Adrian French
Dr. Paula K. Friedman Mr. Richard Friedman
Ms. Anne Galyean Ms. Lisa W. Gill
Mr. J. Duncan Gratton** Mr. and Mrs. Edmond H. Haapaniemi
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hallenbeck, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. George F. Heinrich
Mr. Laurence Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Hindman
Ms. Vivian K. Holzer Mr. and Mrs. Iftekhar Hossain
Mr. Kyeng ho I Mr. and Mrs. Dmitri L. Ilyin
Ms. Lisa Stewart Jacobs* ** Dr. Yanling Jiang**
Ms. Kyung-Wha Kang Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kaplan
Ms. Susanna Kim Professor Celeste V. Kong Maness**
Mr. and Mrs. Igor Kovalik Mr. and Mrs. Lakshminarayanan Krishnan
Mr. and Mrs. Joon Kyung Kwag Mr. and Mrs. Martin Laker
Barbara Schriber and Michael Lambert Ms. Anita LaSala
Professor Min-Chang Lee Karen B. Leeds and Steven Yellen
Mr. David R. Lewis Mr. Yu-Jen Lin
Mr. Nicholas J. Lippis III** Ms. Anne Lorms
Mr. Tosui Machida Mr. and Mrs. Akshay Madan
Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Marden** Jonathan Mark and Kathleen Munguia
Mr. Patrick Steven McCabe Professor Theodore D. Moustakas
Mr. James C. W. Moy Mrs. Angela J. Musi**
Mr. Michael A. Musi** Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Naro
Mr. and Mrs. William Nelson Mr. and Mrs. John Novak
Mr. Jerome Ostrov** Ms. Etsuko Ozburn
Mr. Yiannakis Papatheodorou Dr. Maurice M. Pechet
Ms. Patricia K. Phelan Ms. Nancy Rentler
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rimokh Ms. Karma Roberts*
Mr. Jay Roewe* ** Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Rose*
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Rosenbaum David Rothbaum, M.D.**
Mr. Alan G. Rottman Professor Ronald A. Roy
Mr. and Mrs. Osamu Sakai Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Simon
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Stelle
Frank and Edith Steranka Ellen and Jerome Stern**
Ms. Gloria Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sussman
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Sylvane Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Van Gundy
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Vitale Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas Waring
Mr. and Mrs. David Waud Marcus Samuel Weiss, Esq.**
Mr. Alexander W. White Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Wilhelm
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Wilkie Mr. Scott A. Wilson
Dr. Tao Xu** Mr. and Mrs. Eddy T. Yu
Mr. Kalman W. Zabarsky** Sherrie Zacharius and David O. Levine

* Parents Leadership Council Members
** Alumni Parent