Parent Magazine

Celebrating Tradition

Photos from the 2011 Commencement Weekend reception for dedicated BU parents.

Photos by BU Photography

Jeanne Knox

Jeanne Knox, Chairwoman of the Parents Leadership Council, welcomes families to the Celebrating Tradition Event on Saturday, May 21, 2011.

Marian Yeung

President Robert A. Brown and Dr. Beverly A. Brown welcome Marian Yeung, mother of Carmen Yeung (SHA’11), from Hong Kong.

The Tran Family

Canh Tran and Minh-Ha Dang, parents of Minh-Tam Thi Tran (SHA’11), celebrate their daughter’s graduation with Dean Christopher Muller from the School of Hospitality Administration.

The Brownson Family

From left, Robert Brownson, Ericka Brownson (CAS’11), Maureen Brownson, and Scott Brownson (CGS’06, COM’08).

California Events

Photos from receptions hosted by parent volunteers in the Golden State.

Photos courtesy of Daryl DeLuca

Hamamji family

Dean Kenn Elmore is joined by host committee members, Sami and Ilham Hamamji, parents of Peter (CAS’14), at an event in Laguna Beach, California.

Paul and Becky Moir

Parents Leadership Council members, Paul and Becky Moir, parents of Dylan (COM’12), hosted a reception for parents in the Los Angeles area.

Michael and Tracy Donefield

Michael and Tracy Donefield, parents of Brent (SMG’14), were also host committee members at the event in Laguna Beach, California.

Madaline and Stephen Gordon

Madaline and Stephen Gordon, parents of Madison (CGS’12, COM’14), co-hosted the event in Laguna Beach, California.