Parent Magazine

A Letter from the Chairwoman of the Parents Leadership Council

Jeanne Knox

Dear Fellow Parents,

Welcome to the first edition of the Boston University Parent online! We decided to create an electronic version of our magazine to be environmentally friendly, of course, but also to increase our interaction with the BU parent community in a more timely fashion. So as you settle in to read this publication, I encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions with us, ask questions, and post comments —the Parents Program wants to hear from you! We will be updating the magazine more frequently in an effort to further your involvement in the BU experience. You’ll also receive our monthly e-newsletter, Parent Extra, as well as copies of the University’s award-winning alumni magazine, Bostonia. I hope you will enjoy these enhancements. We’ll begin our journey with a look at BU’s Educational Resource Center . . . a perfect way to start!

Best wishes,

Jeanne Knox
Chairwoman, Parents Leadership Council
Mother of Merrill (COM’06) and Bobby (CGS’08, SAR’10, SPH’12)

2011–2012 Parents Leadership Council

Kim Buttolph
New Canaan, CT
Kristen (CGS’10, BU’12)

Marie Pinak Carr
Washington, DC
Elizabeth (SHA’10)

Neal (CGS’80, CAS’82) & Diana Cohen (CAS’81, COM’82)
New York, NY Lindsay Arden Cohen (CGS’10, BU’12)

Haim & Barbara Dabah
New York, NY
Stephen (CGS’12, BU’14)

Jacqueline Dedell
Litchfield, CT
Skylar (CGS’10, CAS’12)

Susan Domolky
Boston, MA
John (CGS’11, BU’13)

Shimon & Lisa Feldman
Santa Monica, CA
Maya (ENG’14)

MJ Gaumond
Warren, MA
Macey (CGS’10, COM’12)

Lisa Gilligan
New York, NY
Kathryn (CGS’10, BU’12)
Meghan (CGS’11, BU’13)

William & Debralee (CGS’76, CAS’78) Goldberg
Ontario, Canada
Benjamin (CGS’07, SMG’09)

Prem & Mamta Gupta
New Delhi, India
Ishaan (SMG’10)
Samvid (SMG’14)

Jamie Harris
New York, NY
Daniel (CGS’11, BU’13)

Lisa Stewart Jacobs (CAS’77)
Roslyn, NY
Jesse (SHA’08)
Eric (CGS’09, SHA’11)

Sunil & Sunita Kanoria
Kolkata, India
Anant (CAS’12)

Jeanne Knox
(Chairwoman, PLC)
Greenwich, CT
Merrill (COM’06)
Bobby (CGS’08, SAR’10, SPH’12)

Steve & Julie Lifton
Sands Point, NY
Ali (CGS’12, BU’14)

Marten & Annika Mickos
Los Altos, CA
Johan (ENG’14)

Paul & Becky Moir
Los Angeles, CA
Dylan (CAS’12)

Gurramkonda N. & G.V. Naidu
Peoria, IL
Harini (CAS’08, MED’11)

Karma Roberts
Oakland, CA
Mark (CGS’06, CAS’08)
Hilary (CGS’10, COM’12)

Jay & Liz Roewe
Los Angeles, CA
Chris (COM’14)

Betsey Ruprecht
Greenwich, CT
Andrew (CGS’11, SHA’13)
Charles (CGS’11, SHA’13)

Mark B. Smith
Calabasas, CA
Spencer (CAS’15)

Christina Strassfield
East Hampton, NY
Zoe (CAS’15)

Elaine Szujewski
Chicago, IL
Peter (CAS’12)

Maria Vecchiotti
New York, NY
Stephen Tanico (CAS’13)

William & Olivia Weeks
Southport, CT
William (CGS’06, CAS’08)
Whitney (CGS’08, CAS’10)
Olivia (CGS’10, CAS’12)

Wayne (CAS’79) and Deborah Zuckerman
Livingston, NJ
Andrew (CGS’13, BU’15)