China in Latin America

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Trade, Finance and Investment

China-Latin America economic activity is increasing by orders of magnitude and the two sides have pledged to reach $500 billion in trade and $250 billion in investment by 2025.  GEGI tracks the development of Chinese trade and investment in Latin America and examines the impacts of such trade and investment on the region’s economies.  GEGI publishes an annual “China-Latin America Economic Bulletin” that pinpoints these trends in historical and comparative perspective.  With the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington, DC, GEGI compiles an annual database on the extent of Chinese finance in Latin America and examines the extent to which such finance compares to similar financing provided by Western-backed and other emerging market financial institutions.  GEGI also performs scholarly research on the impacts of these trends on the economic, social, and environmental integrity of the region’s economies. GEGI publishes all this work in a variety of forms, and engages in dialogues and workshops with Latin American and Chinese government officials and firms, policy-makers, and scholars alike.

Environment and Energy

China’s economic activity in Latin America is largely concentrated in the primary commodity sector in the region. This sector has long been endemic to environmental degradation and social conflict in the region. This line of research examines the impacts of Chinese trade and investment on environmental integrity and social inclusion in Latin America.  The goal of these efforts are two-fold. First is to gain an evidence-based understanding of the environmental and social impacts of China in Latin America. Second is to draw on this empirical record and work with policymakers and stakeholders to identify and exploit the relevant policy levers in the region that can maximize the benefits of Chinese economic activity in Latin America, while mitigating the social and environmental costs.

Along with collaborators from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, the University of the Pacific in Peru, and the Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University in the United States, GEGI convenes a multi-university study of the social and environmental impacts of China-Latin America under the auspices of the Working Group on Development and the Environment in the Americas.

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