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To what extent can these new development banks harness their newfound resources toward sustainable infrastructure that is also socially inclusive?  To investigate this question, GEGI and the Global Economy and Development Program at the Brookings Institution examined the previous experience of national development bank support for sustainable infrastructure in order to draw lessons and offer guidance to the new development banks on this most salient issue.

GEGI and Brookings convened a working group of regional experts from development banks, international organizations, and academia that conducted regional assessments and development bank case studies to examine these questions and offer guidance to new and existing development banks on financing sustainable infrastructure.  Experts examined the Brazilian National Development Bank, the Development Bank of Southern Africa, the China Development Bank, the India Infrastructure Finance Corporation, and others.

Policy Brief

GEGI Policy Brief 
By Rogerio Studart and Kevin P. Gallagher

With the recent adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals and the historic Paris Agreement on climate change, the world’s nations have come to a consensus and an agenda to transform the world economy into one that is both low-carbon and socially inclusive. Yet, the global community lacks a set of rules and financing arrangements to incentivize markets to allocate resources in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

This policy brief focuses on the financial side of those shortcomings, with a particular emphasis on the role in national development banks (NDBs) as potential catalysts for sustainable infrastructure financing. While the bulk of the financing for such a sustainable transition will have to come from private sources, it is the private sector that is the most reluctant to play the catalyzing role given the myriad impediments that face infrastructure financing arrangements in general and sustainable and inclusive growth in particular. 

Reports and Working Papers

By Cornel Ban and Leonard Seabrooke
November 2016

GEGI Working Paper
By Nagesh Kumar, in collaboration with Pradeep K. Keshari and Rohan Ray (July 2016)

GEGI Working Paper
By Yongzhong Wang (July 2016)

GEGI Working Paper
By Rogério Studart and Luma Ramos (July 2016)

GEGI Working Paper
By Stephany Griffith Jones (July 2016)

GEGI Working Paper
By Danny Bradlow and Chris Humphrey (July 2016)

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GEGI’s Spring Seminar Series on Development Bank and Sustainable Development
Pardee School of Global Studies
Fridays February, March and April, 2017