Responding to the Admission Offer

Response Deadlines

The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences does not set a firm deadline by which applicants must respond to the offer of admission. However, the Pardee School asks that applicants meet the following deadlines if at all possible, so that the department can plan for the coming semester.

Fall Semester

  • International Students: June 1
  • All Other Students: June 15

Spring Semester

  • International Students: December 1
  • All Other Students: January 1

The earlier response deadlines for international students is necessary in order to allow sufficient time for processing student visa documents. Adherence to these deadlines is appreciated.

How to Respond to the Offer

Students provide their response to the admission through an online form.  The address of that online form will be given in the admission letter.  There are three possible responses:  Accept, Decline, or Defer.

Please provide us with a response to the offer of admission even if you do not intend to accept the offer.  Timely knowledge about the size of the incoming class helps us to plan for the coming term.

Deferring an Application

Applicants who are offered admission may defer their application one or two semesters (not more).  Please note that it is the application that is deferred, not the offer of admission. Deferred applications will be evaluated again in the context of the other applicants for the semester to which they were deferred. In the majority of cases, the IR Department will offer admission again to a student who defers, but a second admission offer is not guaranteed.

An application can be deferred using the same online form that is used to accept or decline the admission offer.  Go to the indicated web address and click on the link that says ‘I wish to defer.’

Semester Start Dates

The exact dates for the beginning of classes each semester varies from year to year. Generally speaking, the Fall Semester begins in early September and the Spring Semester begins in mid-January. Current information on semester start dates can be found here.  Summer term runs from mid-May through early August.  While students are welcome to take summer term classes, we do not admit students to begin a program in summer term.