Non-Degree Students

Domestic non-degree students may take up to two graduate level courses from the IR Department without submitting an application. Interested students should contact the Graduate Programs Administrator either by email or by phone (617-353-9349). Registering for a 500 level course requires the approval of the Graduate Programs Administrator. Registering for a 700 level course requires the approval of both the Graduate Programs Administrator and the instructor of the course.  The administrator and/or the instructor may refuse to approve registration at their own discretion. Please note that students registering in this fashion cannot register until two days before the start of term.  Students wishing to register earlier (and thus have a broader range of courses available) should submit a formal application for non-degree status.

Non-degree students who wish to take more than two courses must submit an application. Information on applying as a non-degree student can be found on the GRS Admissions website.

International students wishing to study under non-degree status must submit an application and must take at least three classes.  The United States government will only issue student visas for students who will be studying full-time.  In order to be considered full-time,  students must take at least three classes (12 credit hours).

If a non-degree student later applies for admission as a degree seeking student and is admitted, the IR Department will accept up to two classes (eight credits) taken prior to admission toward the degree. Taking courses as a non-degree student does not guarantee admission to a degree program.