Admissions Information for Dual-degree Students

This page provides information for applicants interested in the IR & Juris Doctor (IRJD) dual-degree program and the IR & Master of Business Administration (IR/MBA) dual degree program. For information on applying to one of our other programs, please click here.

Applications for admission to these programs should be made directly to the Law School (617-353-3100) or the Graduate School of Management (GSM) (617-353-2670). Applicants should follow all of the admissions policies of those schools. IR/MBA applicants must indicate on their application that they are applying to the dual-degree program with the IR Department.  For IRJD applicants, there is no mechanism on the Law School application to indicate that you wish to apply to the dual-degree.  If admitted to the Law School, your admission letter will include instructions on how to request admission to the IR Department for the dual-degree.

Only one complete application to either the Law School or the School of Management is required. The supporting materials for these applications (LSAT and GMAT scores, references, and writing samples) are accepted in lieu the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences requirements. The median LSAT score for admitted IRJD students is 166, and the median GMAT score for IR/MBA students is 690. The GRE is not required for these applicants.

These applications are reviewed first by the relevant admissions committees in the applicant’s primary school (Law or GSM) and then forwarded to the IR Department. If the applicant is not admitted into the primary school, the application will not be forwarded to the IR Department and the student will not be considered for admission into the IR program.

Students applying to the dual degree programs receive financial aid through their primary school and are not eligible for departmental awards from IR.