How To Apply

Picture of the Door to the Main IR Building

Applying to graduate school is an important and exciting time in your life.  We are very happy that you have chosen to apply to BU!

This section of the website provides information for applicants interested in the following Master of Arts programs:

All applicants to these programs should submit an application to the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS), as per the instructions in this section.

Applicants for the following programs should not use these instructions when applying:

  • IR & Master of Business Administration (IR/MBA). Go here for application information.
  • IR & Juris Doctor (IRJD).  Go here for application information.
  • Global Development Economics (GDE). Apply through the Economics Department.


Please note that the Pardee School offers several MA programs but does not currently offer a PhD program.

Application Summary

A complete application must include the following:

International students who are not permanent residents of the United States must submit additional documentation needed for the student visa. Please see the section on international students for policies on international applicants.

Applications must include all components.  No component will be waived for any applicant.

An application fee, currently $80, is required of all applicants. Information on paying the fee is provided in the application. We do not waive the application fee for any applicant.

The Pardee School will not review or evaluate incomplete applications and will not review or evaluate applications for candidates who did not pay the application fee. Such applications will be withdrawn and no admission decision will be made. Additionally, we do not accept late applications (see here for deadlines).  There are no exceptions to these policies.

Part-Time Study and Non-Degree Students

The Pardee School welcomes students interested in studying part-time or under non-degree status. Prospective students wishing to study part-time  should read the information here.  Prospective students wishing to study under non-degree status should read the information here.

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

The Pardee School is a component of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS) at Boston University. Students in the Pardee School follow all of the policies of GRS. Applicants are encouraged to follow the links below to learn more about GRS policies for students and applicants.