Financial Matters

Tuition and Fees

Most students attend full-time (16 credits per semester, typically four classes) while completing their coursework, and pay full-time tuition accordingly. It is also possible to take coursework as a part-time student, in which case students pay by the class. Once students have completed all required coursework and are working only on their MA Paper, they pay only a continuing student fee, which is equivalent to the cost of a two-credit course and thus is substantially less than full-time tuition. Although some students do write the MA Paper while taking courses, many require one term as a continuing student to complete their paper.

Current tuition and fee rates can be found here and here.

Student Loans and General Questions

The GRS Financial Aid Office handles all issues pertaining to student loans and is also a good resource for general questions about paying for your BU education.  Contact information for them can be found here.

Applicants are also welcome to contact Student Accounting Services.

Merit-Based Aid

The International Relations Department offers a number of half-tuition awards each year to highly qualified applicants.  More information can be found here.

Please note that the IR Department handles only merit-based aid.  Questions about any other type of assistance should be directed to the GRS Financial Aid Office (go here for contact information).

External Sources of Aid

Students may wish to apply for scholarships or grants from outside sources. Click here for a list of organizations that offer financial assistance for graduate studies.

Dual-Degree Programs

Financial aid for students in our two dual-degree programs, IR/MBA and IRJD, is handled by the Graduate School of Management and the Law School, respectively. Students in these programs should contact those schools, not the IR Department, with any inquiries about financial aid, merit-based or otherwise.