FAO Program Financial Arrangements at BU

At its full tuition rate of over $40,000 per year, Boston University would be categorized as a high cost school by the Army. However, under an agreement between Boston University and the Army, BU will accept FAOs approved for either low-cost or mid-cost funding from the Army and will cover the deficit between BU’s full tuition and what the Army pays with a scholarship from the university. We do not accept a FAO unless we are willing to grant them this scholarship. This financial arrangement applies to the one year Mid-Career MA only and cannot be extended to any of our other MA programs.

The scholarship from BU does not cover the cost of late fees should the FAO fail to register for classes within the announced registration period. FAOs do not need to purchase the Boston University Medical Insurance since they have medical coverage from the Army. They do, however, need to complete a medical insurance waiver form in order to prevent the insurance cost from being automatically billed to their account (information on how to do this is provided when a student accepts admission into the program).