Farhang Mehr


Professor Emeritus of International Relations


BS Tehran University, Iran
LLB Tehran University, Iran
LLM London School of Economics, UK
PhD University of Southampton, UK

Farhang Mehr has taught at Tehran and National Universities and at the Military Academy in Iran. He was also President of the University of Shiraz, in Iran, for 8 years. He served Iran under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as Vice-Prime Minister and Acting Finance Minister, and represented Iran on OPEC’s Board of Governors for 5 years.

Mehr has been very active in the Zoroastrian community. He served as the President of the Zoroastrian Anjuman of Tehran for 12 years. He was an officer of the First and Third World Zoroastrian Congresses in Tehran and Bombay, respectively, and was a founding member of the Ancient Iranian Culture Society.

Mehr has lectured and published on subjects related to law, political economy, religion and international relations, and Zoroastrianism. He has written twelve books and more than eighty articles, in both English and Farsi.

In 1990, he published a book titled (in the Farsi edition) Zoroastrian Philosophy: An old Wisdom in a New Perspective. The English translation, published in 1991, is titled The Zoroastrian Tradition, An Introduction to the Ancient Wisdom of Zarathushtra.

After the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Mehr left Iran. He taught at Boston University from 1981 until his retirement in 1997.


Iran, International Law, Political Economy, Zoroastrianism