Politics & Religion Faculty

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Houchang E. Chehabi (Licence, Université de Caen; Diplôme, Institut d’Etudes Politiques; MA, PhD, Yale University) Middle Eastern Politics and Cultural History, Shiism, International Law.

Jeremy Menchik (BA, University of Michigan; MA, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison) Comparative Politics, Religion and Politics, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Qualitative and Multi-Method Research.

Augustus Richard Norton (BA, MA, University of Miami; PhD, University of Chicago) Comparative Politics, Middle Eastern Studies, Political Anthropology.

Wilfrid Rollman (BA, Creighton University; MA, PhD, University of Michigan). N. African and Mid-Eastern History and Politics, International Relations of the Middle East, Morocco, Government and Politics in the Contemporary Middle East, European Colonial and Imperial History.

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