U.S. Foreign Policy Faculty

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Michael T. Corgan (BS, U.S. Naval Academy; MPA, University of Washington; PhD Boston University) International Security, Icelandic and Scandinavian Affairs, and Arctic Security and Politics.

Charles F. Dunbar (BA, Harvard University; MIA, Columbia University) Formation of U.S. Foreign Policy, Middle East Political Economy, Muslim and Western World Relations, Afghanistan, North-West Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and United Nations Peace Operations.

Robert G. Loftis (BA, Colorado State University) Diplomacy, International Negotiations, Formulation of Foreign and National Security Policy, Conflict and Stabilization Operations, Political-Military Affairs.

Renata Keller (BA, Arizona State University; MA, PhD, University of Texas) Latin American History; Inter-American Relations; Mexican Domestic and International Politics; U.S. Relations with Latin America.

William R. Keylor (BA, Stanford University; MA, PhD, Columbia University) History of International Relations, History of American Foreign Policy, History of European-American Relations, History of Modern France.

Augustus Richard Norton (BA, MA, University of Miami; PhD, University of Chicago) Comparative Politics, Middle Eastern Studies, Political Anthropology.

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