CAS EC 346 European Capital Markets
CAS EC 396 Soviet and Post-Soviet Economics

CAS HI 216 Women and Gender in European History
CAS HI 219 Jews in the Modern World
CAS HI 217 History of Europe, 1815-1914
CAS HI 218 History of Contemporary Europe, 1900 to the Present
CAS HI 223 European Intellectual History of the 19th Century
CAS HI 224 European Intellectual History of the 20th Century
CAS HI 247 The Making of Modern England
CAS HI 248 Twentieth-Century Britain
CAS HI 254 History of Ireland
CAS HI 270 Germany, 1914-Present
CAS HI 272 History of Russia, 1689-1917
CAS HI 273 History of the Soviet Union and Post-Communist Russia, 1917 to the Present
CAS HI 274 Issues in Modern Russian and Soviet History 1861 – 1956
CAS HI 275 History of the Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe
CAS HI 284 History of War
CAS HI 340 History of Modern Diplomacy: Institutions, Practices, and Principles, 1400-1919
CAS HI 379 Modern Armenian History and Literature
CAS HI 383 Modern History and Geopolitics of the Caucasus

CAS IR 250 Europe and International Relations (meets with PO 342)
CAS IR 325 The Great Powers and the Eastern Mediterranean (meets with HI 229)
CAS IR 341 Central Europe (meets with HI 278)
CAS IR 359 British Political Institutions (meets with PO 360)
CAS IR 362 European Politics (meets with PO 341)
CAS IR 363 Soviet Politics 1917-1991 (meets with PO 382)
CAS IR 364 The Politics of Post-Communist Russia (meets with PO 371)
CAS IR 375 Introduction to Russian and Post-Soviet Foreign Relations (meets with PO 383)

CAS RN 384 The Holocaust

CAS SO 246 Sociology of Market Transitions
CAS SO 324 Soviet and Post-Soviet Society

Advanced Courses

CAS HI 423 History of the European Union, 1945 to the Present
CAS HI 424 European Socialism 1789-1989
CAS HI 430 Comparative European Fascism
CAS HI 446 The Russian Revolution
CAS HI 537 World War II: Causes, Course, Consequences
CAS HI 592 The Birth of a State: Israel 1945-1955
CAS HI 594 The Armenian Genocide

CAS IR 420 International Relations of the New Europe (meets with PO 420)
CAS IR 436 The Great War and the Fragile Peace (meets with HI 436)
CAS IR 452 Topics in European Politics and Culture (meets with PO 539)
CAS IR 465 The United States and the Cold War (meets with HI 465)
CAS IR 514 Empire & Power:  British Foreign Policy, 1782 – Present
CAS IR 536 European Environmental Policy (meets with GE 536)
CAS IR 538 France, Europe and the World (meets with HI 538)
CAS IR 539 State-Formation and Nation-Building in Southeastern Europe: From Byzantium to Brussels
CAS IR 541 DS Russia’s International Policies I
CAS IR 542 The Reemergence of Russia
CAS IR 543 The Changing Face of Eastern Europe
CAS IR 546 Power and Legitimacy: Ideology as a Political Tool
CAS IR 547 The Intellectuals and the Powers
CAS IR 549 Politics and International Relations of the Federal Republic of Germany (meets with PO 545)
CAS IR 550 West European Integration (meets with PO 535)
CAS IR 551 Social Europe: Identity, Citizenship, and the Welfare State (meets with PO 536)
CAS IR 552 Nordic Europe (meets with PO 544)
CAS IR 560 The Politics of Religion, Ethnicity, and Nationalism in International Relations (meets with RN 560)
CAS IR 589 North Atlantic/European Security Issues (meets with PO 582)

CAS PO 555 Nationalism in Post-Soviet Eurasia

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