Regional Politics & Cultural Anthropology Track

CAS AN 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
CAS AN 252 Ethnicity and Identity
CAS AN 260 Men and Women: Cultural Expectations and Gender Experiences
CAS AN 285 Coping with Crisis in Contemporary Africa
CAS AN 305 Comparative Family Systems in Asia
CAS AN 307 Turkey and Middle East in Comparative Perspectives
CAS AN 312 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
CAS AN 314 Latin American Cultures
CAS AN 317 Power and Society in the Middle East
CAS AN 318 Southeast Asia: Tradition and Development
CAS AN 319 Anthropology of Muslim Cultures and Politics
CAS AN 320 Women in the Muslim World
CAS AN 344 Modern Japanese Society: Family, School, and Workplace
CAS AN 347 Afghanistan
CAS AN 355 Religious Fundamentalism in Anthropological Perspective
CAS AN 362 Culture and Environment
CAS AN 371 Political Anthropology of the Modern World
CAS AN 375 Culture, Society, and Religion in South Asia (meets with RN 375)
CAS AN 379 China: Tradition and Transition

CAS GE 331 Political Geography
CAS GE 381 Geography of Asia

CAS HI 219 Jews in the Modern World
CAS HI 223 European Intellectual History of the 19th Century
CAS HI 224 European Intellectual History of the 20th Century
CAS HI 274 Issues in Modern Russian and Soviet History, 1861-1956
CAS HI 337 History of the Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe
CAS HI 379 Modern Armenian History and Literature
CAS HI 392 The History of Israel: An Introduction
CAS HI 364 Introduction to Modern Chinese History
CAS HI 369 Introduction to Modern Japanese History
CAS HI 383 Modern History and Geopolitics of the Caucasus
CAS HI 387 Introduction to the Middle East
CAS HI 389 Americans and the Middle East
CAS HI 392 History of Israel
CAS HI 398 Protest, Revolution and Human Rights in Latin America

CAS IR 242 Globalization and World Poverty (meets with SO 242)
CAS IR 251 Introduction to Comparative Politics (meets with PO 151)
CAS IR 275 The Pacific Challenge (meets with PO 350)
CAS IR 328 Turko-Persia in the Twentieth Century (meets with HI 382)
CAS IR 340 Comparative Public Policy
CAS IR 341 Central Europe (meets with HI 335)
CAS IR 351 Africa in International Politics (meets with PO 377)
CAS IR 362 European Politics (meets with PO 341)
CAS IR 363 Soviet Politics 1917-91 (meets with PO 382)
CAS IR 364 The Politics of Post-Communist Russia (meets with PO 371)
CAS IR 367 Introduction to Latin American Politics and International Relations (meets with PO 360)
CAS IR 372 International Relations of South Asia (meets with PO 355)
CAS IR 382 Understanding the Middle East (meets with GE 382)
CAS IR 383 Understanding Modern North Africa
CAS IR 397 History of Modern Iran, 1900-Present (meets with HI 381)

CAS PO 351 The Politics of Race and Ethnicity

CAS RN 220 Holy City: Jerusalem in Time, Space, and Imagination
CAS RN 345 Islamic Law

CAS SO 328 Contemporary South Asian Societies

CAS WS 360 Global Feminism: Race and Gender in International Perspectives

Advanced Courses

CAS AN 505 Asian Development: The Case of Women
CAS AN 525 Ritual and Political Identity
CAS AN 538 Human Ecology of Modern Africa
CAS AN 547 Topics in Muslim Societies and Islamic Civilizations
CAS AN 573 The Ethnography of China and Taiwan
CAS AN 593 Seminar: Topics in Cultural Anthropology
CAS AN 594 Seminar: Topics in Cultural Anthropology

CAS HI 430 Comparative European Fascism
CAS HI 487 Continuity and Change in Late Imperial and Modern China
CAS HI 552 Topics in Jewish History
CAS HI 582 Social Movements in Twentieth-Century Latin America
CAS HI 587 U.S.-Mexican Borders
CAS HI 588 Women, Power, and Culture in Africa (meets with AA 588)
CAS HI 592 The Birth of a State: Israel 1945-1955
CAS HI 593 Youth on the Agenda: Roles and Images of Young People in the Jewish Nation
CAS HI 594 The Armenian Genocide
CAS HI 595 Morocco: History on the Cusp of Three Continents

CAS IR 410 Latin America Today: An Interdisciplinary Approach
CAS IR 425 Seminar: Women and Social Change in the Developing World (meets with SO 420)
CAS IR 452 Topics in European Politics and Cultures
CAS IR 502 Latin American Political Parties (meets with PO 561)
CAS IR 504 The Persian Gulf / Arabian Penninsula
CAS IR 507 Islam & Politics
CAS IR 509 Islam in Middle East Politics (meets with PO 556)
CAS IR 511 The Middle-East Today
CAS IR 513 Bureaucracy and Governance: A Comparative Inquiry (meets with PO 546)
CAS IR 518 Gender & War (meets with PO 583, WS 345)
CAS IR 520 The State & Public Purpose in Asia (meets with PO 550)
CAS IR 531 Intercultural Communication
CAS IR 543 The Changing Face of Eastern Europe
CAS IR 545 Gender and War (meets with PO 583)
CAS IR 560 The Politics of Religion, Ethnicity, and Nationalism in International Relations (meets with RN 560)
CAS IR 561 Religion and International Relations (meets with RN 561)
CAS IR 563 Public Religion and Politics Across Cultures (Meets with AN 563)
CAS IR 566 Democracy in Latin America and Its Challenges (meets with PO 567)
CAS IR 567 Latin American Politics (meets with PO 564)
CAS IR 570 Politics and Social Change in Postwar Japan (meets with PO 5551)
CAS IR 571 Central America and U.S. Policy
CAS IR 582 Taiwan: Politics and Transformation (meets with PO 563)
CAS IR 586 Islam in South Asian Politics

CAS PO 541 Seminar in European Politics
CAS PO 570 Politics and Society in North Africa and the Middle East
CAS PO 572 Political Systems of Southern Africa
CAS PO 581 National Development and International Politics

CAS RN 435 Women, Gender and Islam

CAS SO 438 Seminar on International Migration