Environment & Development

CAS AN 285 Coping with Crises in Contemporary Africa
CAS AN 362 Culture and Environment
CAS AN 363 Food & Water:  Critical Perspectives on Global Crises
CAS AN 371 Political Anthropology of the Modern World
CAS AN 382 Wealth, Poverty, and Culture

CAS EC 320 Economics of Less-Developed Regions
CAS EC 369 Economic Development of Latin America
CAS EC 370 The Chinese Economy
CAS EC 371 Environmental Economics
CAS EC 387 Introduction to Health Economics
CAS EC 395 Comparative Economic Systems
CAS EC 396 Soviet and Post-Soviet Economics

CAS GE 100 Introduction to Environmental Science
CAS GE 103 Economic Geography
CAS GE 150 Sustainable Energy: Technology, Resources, Society, and Environment
CAS GE 201 World Regional Geography I
CAS GE 202 World Regional Geography II
CAS GE 250 Man and Environment in the Western World
CAS GE 300 Geography of World Commerce
CAS GE 309 Intermediate Environmental Analysis and Policy
CAS GE 331 Political Geography
CAS GE 356 Geography of Third World Development
CAS GE 375 Introduction to Quantitative Environmental Modeling

CAS HI 351 Environmental History of Africa (meets with GE 394)

CAS IR 242 Sociology of Developing Countries (meets with SO 242)
CAS IR 251 Introduction to Comparative Politics (meets with PO 151)
CAS IR 304 Environmentally Sustainable Development (meets with GE 304)
CAS IR 365 Rise of China (meets with PO 352)
CAS IR 367 Introduction to Latin American Politics and International Relations (meets with
CAS PO 360)
CAS IR 369 Southeast Asia in World Politics (meets with PO 354)
CAS IR 373 Global Governance and International Organizations
CAS IR 383 Understanding Modern North Africa
CAS IR 395 North-South Relations (meets with PO 328)

CAS PO 382 International Conflicts and Cooperation

CAS SO 246 Sociology of Market Transitions
CAS SO 277 Technology and Society

CAS WS 348 Gender and International Development
CAS WS 360 Global Feminism: Race and Gender in International Perspective

Advanced Courses

CAS AN 505 Asian Development: The Case of Women (meets with SO 505)
CAS AN 538 Human Ecology of Modern Africa

CAS EC 521 Development Policy
CAS EC 571 Energy and Environmental Economics

CAS GE 510 Physical Principles of the Environment
CAS GE 511 Ecological Economics
CAS GE 512 Global Climate Change: Policy Modeling and Analysis
CAS GE 519 Energy, Society, and the Environment
CAS GE 520 Topics in Energy and Environmental Policy
CAS GE 521 Environmental Law and Policy
CAS GE 522 Environmental Policy and Decision-Making
CAS GE 555 World Oil Markets

CAS HI 435 Histories of Human Rights
CAS HI 589 Nature’s Past: Histories of Environment and Society

CAS IR 425 Seminar: Women and Social Change in the Developing World (meets with SO 420)
CAS IR 430 Africa and Globalization: Opportunities and Obstacles
CAS IR 501 Conflict & Cooperation in Asia (meets with PO 554)
CAS IR 513 Bureaucracy and Governance: A Comparative Inquiry (meets with PO 546)
CAS IR 523 Global Justice (meets with PO PO 526)
CAS IR 527 Political Economy of China (meets with PO 548)
CAS IR 536 European Environmental Policy (meets with GE 536)
CAS IR 587 Political Economy of the Middle East
CAS IR 590 Political Economy of Latin America (meets with PO 562)
CAS IR 592 Economic Development & International Institutions
CAS IR 594 Global Environmental Policy and Negotiation (meets with GE 594)
CAS IR 597 Sustainable Development in Latin America (meets with GE 597)
CAS IR 599 Science, Politics, and Climate Change (meets with GE 599)

CAS PO 527 Comparative Political Development
CAS PO 581 National Development and International Politics
CAS PO 588 Negotiation in World Affairs

CAS SO 438 Seminar on International Migration
CAS SO 534 Seminar : Modernity and Social Change